The Left is Melting Down Over the Dana Loesch NRA Video


Every liberal in the US seems to be having a massive coronary over the Dana Loesch NRA video that highlights leftist violence against average law-abiding citizens. The video calls out the collusion between violent groups on the left with the media, Hollywood, Democrat politicians, and Obama - all of whom support and encourage the infamous resistance. The left can’t take their own medicine.


Despicable. Cynical. And stupid. So tired of the crazy, rabid, heedless minority of people and the way that other, more mainstream folks, in large part from their own willful ignorance and inattention, enable the crazies.

In 1860, people had a lot to fear. Genuinely. Your baby gets a little cough on Monday, dead by Friday. Your barn burns down. Your bank goes under and all your savings with it. A multiyear drought forces you off your land.

In 2017, we have so, so much less to fear, and in a real sense, so much more to lose. Nothing will get better until enough people realize that.

Don’t play with fire, unless you’re willing to have people you love get consumed by the ensuing conflagration.


Are you kidding?

Then why do you all support Antifa and the whole resist movement? You are the ones encouraging violence. Did you miss the Trump assassination play, the Griffin/Trump beheading, or the apologists in the media during the Scalise shooting in Alexandria? Where were you then? I know - clapping your hands.


So… what precisely is the threat being implied by this statement exactly?

I couldn’t agree with you more… when is the left going to finally figure out that they are destroying a society and standard of living that hard work and strong cohesive values built … a society that most of the rest of the world is envious of.


Last night my wife commented in response to somebody’s hyperbole, probably on Facebook, that despite the heated rhetoric, our nation is not on the verge of a civil war. I replied that she is correct, but that her perception is not shared by a significant faction on the political right – a faction that has been anticipating a civil war or race war since the 1960’s.

The NRA has long helped line the pockets of gun manufacturers by ginning up fears of the ‘other’. As the number of gun-owning households has declined, they have more than made up for any loss of sales by getting other gun owners to accumulate arsenals. Suggesting that a civil war is right around the corner? It sells guns, so what else matters, right?


Can you prove that statement?.. Almost all articles are written around the last ‘survey’ done in 2015… which puts home ownership of guns at 2010 levels… The problem with surveys of this type are that they are inherently inaccurate… The second amendment and the fight to keep government from registering firearms is specifically to prevent you from knowing if or how many firearms I own and I can guarantee that over the course of the Obama administration more than a few people were less than forthcoming about this subject… so the stats say that this is the fourth such decline… 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015… see any correlation their?

Kind of goes along with mistrust of government:

And of course the revelations that government will stop at nothing to snoop on you… even cross reference some obscure surveys data…

P.S. Is their anything in that video that isn’t true? and it can hardly be blamed for starting the clinched fist mime…