The left-leaning tech giants, and their products


Highly advise against “smart” devices, which are just spying machines anyway, and the “knowledge” they regurgitate


I know I probably shouldn’t use an Alexa, but I do. I keep it in the dining room so we can play music with dinner. I’m sitting drinking my coffee right now listening to the news on it. Yeah, it’s probably spying on me. But what good intelligence is it actually going to get? I don’t hide the fact that I’m a conservative.


I’m sure they key on certain words and phases without the users knowledge .


It starts somewhere. Im sure it wont have any effect on you anytime soon, but it will affect others that still hold whatever the machine overlords spit out as truth (for example, younger peoples such as your kids).

I think the reason they spy on you is not because they want to put you in jail (not yet anyway), but to commercialize your information. That’s how “free” services rank in their big bucks, for example fakebook and google.

Again im citing incidents outside of the US, but it has happened in countries that we previously thought (at least 5-10 years back) were free. Im actually glad i finally got around to get a vpn (blackfriday deal, $40 for lifetime service!)