The Left Wingers Go Beserk!


How funny would it be if the Democrats lose in the House and the Senate?

It would be hilarious to me, because then they would blow a gasket! lol.
It would be priceless to see :rofl:


Please dont make empty threads like these without anything to talk about, and sources to discuss from. It just liters the forum with useless space.




Why? That’s what Democrats do all of the time? lol.


I will second @supperhey

This is generally a well organized forum with good quality OPs. The least you can do is lurk more and learn how things work before throwing turds all over the place.


I hope none of ya’ll are butt hurt from my comment up above?

The last thing I would wish to do is offend somebody on here.

I think ya’ll should start a support group and talk about your feelings together.
Maybe have some cry sessions, and milk and cookies.


There are plenty of safe rooms in their local colleges and cry chambers in every democratically held big city for them to seek refuge. They will get over it eventually


We’re likely to find out on Wednesday morning. They at least look to be getting pretty well massacred in the Senate and at this point it’s a coin flip in the house.

Even if the take the house the margin is likey to be so small that they won’t be able to accomplish much if anything between now and 2020 other than to block much of Trump’s agenda.


You obviously don’t understand what the incoming Blue Wave :ocean: is all about.

It’s about Americans who don’t just care about their daily life and a working economy (neither of which have anything to do with Trump), but our relationship with neighbors/allies, clean air/water, an honorable POTUS and Cabinet, civil unity and decency…

This is why we vote DEMOCRAT!


I think you should assimilate foreigner…


It was first going to be a Tsunami… and then it turned into a blue wave… but you must beware the rip tide… lots of dems drown in their own hubris because the don’t understand how incensed they can make people … like with the Kavanaugh hearing and the relentless ‘Trump Did It’ without a shred of evidence to back up the claim…


Bill Clinton was honorable???

Barack Obama the drug dealer/user, consummate liar about the ACA was honorable.

Is honorable another redefined leftist word???


You do realize that “it depends on what the meaning of is, really is?” lol.

Did Bill Clinton rape women? It depends on what the definition of rape is, and who defines it?
Who has the right to define it? If he did rape women, and has sex with an underage prostitute on fantasy island, who has the right to judge him?

Bill Clinton was made famous by the words in quotations up above. Basically they’re justifying him raping women, having sex with underaged prostitutes, and cheating on his wife(although, I’m taking a wild show in the dark here, but he was fucking anything and everything when he was just a governor a long time ago. If Hillary didn’t know it back then, she was the most naive woman that has ever lived! I think she just didn’t care, because as long as she has his last name, she’s ok with anything that he does! lol. She sure seemed to enjoy smearing the women that got raped by Slick Willy.).

The Clintons sicken me more than anything, because they were a major chunk of why morals have dropped as much as they have in this country!


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An excellent idea!!!


u forgot to mention the Numero Uno reason you call yourselves Democrat

you support murdering the unborn

hopefully you won’t be remiss in the future


for sure… The Dems hate when people mess up and/or commit crimes

unless it is one of theirs, one who helps keep baby killing legal. Essentially, that is the ONE issue they care about… Look @ all the trouble they went to in order to derail Kavanaugh… it was all about Roe v WAde. (although, that said, they don’t go to any trouble when they are lying about someone, smeering someone… it comes naturally 4 them) .

they have NO compassion for the people south of us or anyone else… the elite Ds only care about having power (those illegals will vote D)… and baby killing

they are totally and abysmally disgusting…


Sometimes I think to myself, that it was to bad that the Democratic politicians, and the Democratic voters that support Abortion, couldn’t have been Aborted themselves.

But than that would make us no better than them.
When they go low, we go high.