The Left Wingers Go Beserk!


even a broken clock is right twice a day

anyhow, yeh, sometimes we see all the evil in the human realm and it’s like … don’t feel like being so pro life anymore but the thing is… it is worse for the woman (and the father of the child and others) than it isfor the murdered child who suffers for awhile and then is with God…

but the mother has to live with the thought (and father and etc…) that she (they) murdered that child… will always wonder who that child was, what kind of personality or intellect… Could that child have found the cure for cancer and etc… very, very sad situation…all that talen and uniqueness down the drain…

we will never be a great country as long as this stupid, assinine R v W is around

(even lawyers who are in favor of abortion have called it bad law… all those penumbras and emenations and blah blah freaking blah written into that stupid decision…)


Honestly, as a Conservative that is one of the hardest thing that I have to bite my tounge on.

You know how Liberals harass Trump voters and Republicans, and Conservatives? Or beat them up simply because they have a shirt on supporting them, or a bumper sticker on their car, or get in their faces and scream at them? I’m not going to lie, that would be a weakness of me. I know that they want us to react, so they can get us on camera, and show the 10 seconds where we might hit back. I’m the type of person that would hit back.

If one of those tree hugging Socialists got up in my face and started screaming, I’d lay their asses on the ground. lol. Especially, if someone would get out of their cars at a stop light, and if I had a Trump bumper sticker on my car. I mean 3 guys aren’t going to be walking up to your car to say hello, all at the same time. lol. A person doesn’t have a lot of time to react.

Of course most Dems will only pick on people smaller than them, or people they think is weaker. I’m a pretty big guy. I’ve never had to worry about someone messing with me.


Or hiding behind a fake name on the internet.


you shouldnt do that

you would get arrested

and depending on the politics of the judge you are brought b4… things could get distressing


true, and since I’m not a Democrat I couldn’t count on my political party bailing me out.

I’d actually have to take responsibility for my actions, unlike a Democrat. lol.


You must be talking to people on Hannity. What’s your screen name on there?


To be completely honest I have never been to his web site if that’s where his blog resides and rarely listen to him.


Quite the condescending tone there. You OBVIOUSLY don’t understand!

“Americans who just don’t care about their daily lives and a working economy.” Of course they care about their daily lives. A working economy is crucial to the quality of their daily lives.

This is why we vote REPUBLICAN so you can be protected from the likes of yourself.


“Hello, you are welcome in my home, but I ask that you remove your shoes”.

"Oh, hell no! What are you, a heathen? "


So said Goliath to David.


well, that goes w/o saying

the politicians in WA don’t do anything for anyone… save themselves

Did that lobbyist’s gift of 1 million bucks come through yet, Honey?