The Lonely Libertine Leftist


by Fred Schwarz
September 27, 2017 3:33 PM

I don’t know why I’m surprised that The Nation has an advice column, but it does, and the questions are about what you’d expect. For example, from a recent issue: “I’m a Marxist-Feminist Slut — How Do I Find an Open Relationship?” The reader, “a 32-year-old woman who would like to have kids and a life partner in the not-so-distant future,” insists that she is not ready for anything exclusive:

Monogamy feels antithetical to the type of feminism and anticapitalism I subscribe to. I am repulsed by the idea of being a man’s property. Also, monogamy—like capitalism—requires us to believe in a false scarcity: that we have to struggle for every little bit and that everything we gain comes at someone else’s expense. The kind of liberatory future I’d like to see is one of abundance and generosity and sharing. One of the few places we can experiment with that now is in our love lives.

So she’s not just being frisky, you see; there are sound ideological reasons for all of this.

Unfortunately, the anti-capitalist guys she meets tend to be unenlightened when it comes to her sleeping around:

ALL the decent men I’ve dated are really opposed to open relationships, while the men I’ve slept with who say they fancy the idea don’t ever stick around long enough for the “relationship” part of an open relationship.

The advice lady does her best to offer politically acceptable suggestions (“find your local poly and open-love communities and attend their social events, where many men are seeking someone just like you” — yeah, that’ll work), but somehow both she and the self-described “loud, proud slut” (NRO dating tip: Maybe work on the “loud” part) miss the most obvious solution of all: Get married. After all, Marx himself wrote that “bourgeois marriage is, in reality, a system of wives in common,” which would seem to be just what this woman is looking for. So all she has to do is go find herself a stockbroker and the problem is solved. And if the open-marriage thing doesn’t work out, she can always say that Marx’s vision wasn’t implemented properly.


What a world you live in. So vanilla and boring. We were meant to live and experience the world. We were meant to be free. Isn’t that what all of you conservatives are always moaning about? I can’t imagine what it feels like to be wound so tight that anything that is different than traditional white America sets you off.


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Of course… I don’t mind the choices you make as long as it is you that must deal with the consequences. Life is not Disney land where you can go from theme to theme in a safe environment where you are at least reasonably assured of coming out of the experience as healthy as you went in. Having sex with someone for instance is a choice. Who you pick to have sex with is a consequence of the first choice… it could be a serial killer or codependent who will suck the life out of you. You might get pregnant or you might get robbed… all of these are part of the choice you made to have sex and as long as YOU are prepared to deal with the consequences of your actions… have at it. The problem is, when you make poor life choices, not only to you want a safety net to catch you and insure you do not die a miserable death on the street, you want a good standard of living… something that those who make good choices and … yes, lived a vanilla life (their choice) are expected by YOU to pay for.

You love to throw race into the equation… this article was about her own personal choices and the world not responding as she wished… It talked about monogamy and capitalism… it didn’t talk about race. I suppose you could throw race into the subject by contemplating mixed race relationships. They do have extra pressures and while the obvious to those who like to focus on race might be our ‘fucked up racist society’ … it just might be cultural differences as well… two people seeing the world through different needs, wants and desires…

Live your life… be happy… just don’t always expect everyone else to catch you when you stand on the edge of a building and don’t expect society to always except your choices because everything you do in public shapes society and not everything people do in life is good for society as a whole…


That’s because real men don’t want to settle down with a hussy.



How very kind of you.


I haven’t heard that in quite some time… ‘You Shameless Hussy’…:clap:t3:


A kind word from another time.


It’s human nature to resist change and especially when that change is in power.


Interesting the amount of ‘Human Nature’ the left ignores in the pursuit of those bits it wants to shine a light on… like well… being gay must be normal… look, geckos in sumatra do it…:astonished: