The Majority of Migrants in Sweden are Adults


Sweden medically tested 1,481 migrants to determine whether or not they had lied about being under the age of 18. It was revealed that 1,215, or 86%, of the individuals tested, were adults.


At first when they were bringing ‘children’ refugees into the UK it was an open affair with people welcoming the children… until they found that the ‘children’ we more grown men than children. Of course rather than curtail the flow of these ‘children’, the government cut access to their arrival:


Most people want to help children in need. Its probably ingrained into our DNA after centuries of warfare, plagues, and disasters. Others helping kids is how our entire human race has survived for as long as it has. But…this is not a child:

Neither is this:

Anyone who convinces themselves that those are children should be sterilized and do us all a favor. It’s messed up what the people in the UK did though. It’s like trying to cover up a mistake.


Sweden is a dog infested with immigrant Mango worms. Look that up on YouTube if you need to lose your appetite.


There is a problem with Muslims in Europe - they do not integrate - ‘when in Rome, they do not do as the Romans do’ … they set themselves apart…but wish to be part of the European systems of social support…and to impose their values on Europeans.

Rightly or wrongly they are perceived as deeply unfriendly and anathema to European ways and values.

If a European were to live in a Muslim country they would ‘have to do as the Romans do when in Rome’.


Denmark … is currently embroiled in the fight against radical Islam. Vigorously using their intelligence services to map out and combat Islamic terrorist threats, Denmark’s security and intelligence service (PET) has concluded that the neighboring country of Sweden is now the biggest terror threat.


And this is why Eastern Europe should accept no Western refugees when Britain, France, Germany, Sweden and the other Western countries drown in blood and slaughter from their mad Mohammedan import policies.


Of course when the refugee flow from Turkey started and people went to the train station in Hungry… None of them demanded that they get a ticket on an east bound train… They know who the easy marks are…