The making of Sheeple


Scientists have created the first ever human-sheep hybrids, paving the way for organs to be grown in animals which can be transplanted into humans.
The successful Stanford University project could even open the door to finding a cure for type 1 diabetes by creating healthy pancreases to regulate blood sugar.
While scientists have previously developed human-pig hybrids, sparking excitement that they could use them grow human organs, no team has been able to take it to the next step.
But Stanford’s team, which has already successfully transplanted pancreases into mice, is tipped to be the first after now that they have produced a human-sheep model to use.

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We don’t need to waste innocent animals on these experiments. There are plenty of brain dead leftists wandering around that we could use for organ harvesting.


I support what they are trying to do which would reduce the need for organ donors.The problem of the bodies rejection of foreign tissue hasn’t been completely solved which is a key factor.
For the Leftists we should start with Lobotomies and see how they react.There are plenty of Leftists to begin massive case studies.


For the Leftists we should start with Lobotomies and see how they react

Why would their be a reaction???


I also heard recently that if you’re an organ donor they can ship your organs to China for sale and testing purposes.


They invented sheeple back in the 1960’s.

They’re called democrats.


They blindly follow the lead sheep with the bell .


Some are sheep, some are well trained seals, awrf, awrf.


These chimera freaks are going to lead to bad things. The worst by-product I’ve thought of is accidently making humans more susceptible to diseases from the species being crossed with humans. Swine flu, ect. No good can come of crossing animals and humans.


The Island of Dr. Moreau comes to mind.


Exactly right. Just look at Islam.