The Marxist Left already making political capital out of tower fire!


Just listen to Labour, including magic unicorn Corbyn - quick to blame the Tory ‘cuts’ on the London tower fire - now planning a march to overthrow the democratically elected government.

does the Left stoop any lower? I’m sure it’s the same in the US - though if you think Bernie is a leftie, check out Jeremy Corbyn and his bunch of flakes…

How to get the young, middle class virtue signaller brigade to open their eyes to this fake pseudo-Marxist garbage?


I’ve never been to London but from everything I have been reading about Corbyn, it sounds like he is trying to use the fire as an opportunity to create riots and violence so he can topple the current government and swing in to power. Just like globalists everywhere, he is using the same strategy. Bus on angry minority hordes with signs demanding justice.


Anyone living in London that tolerates this shit deserves whatever they get as a result.

Oh, and why does the Grenfell victim list read like Syrian and Somalian phone books?


Because the British government has been importing their very own invasion for decades.


This is hilarious. Britain is done. They get blown up, run over and stabbed by Muslims and not a peep. In fact they go out and have a concert in show of solidarity with their murderers. A few Muslims lose their lives in an accidental building fire? LETS FUCKING RIOT LADS, THIS CAN’T STAND, WE CAN’T HAVE NO POOR MUSLIMS DYING!


Now in the US I could see the driver pulling out a cute little .380 and putting up that nose and calmly saying “GET TO FUCK OFF OF MY CAR AND OUT OF MY FACE NOOOOOWWW bitch.”


Sure, it’s ‘spot the white person’ - in all the papers I’ve looked at it must be at least 95% ethnic and black, [quote=“Hoosier, post:3, topic:3889”]
Oh, and why does the Grenfell victim list read like Syrian and Somalian phone books?

Well it’s all the immigrants and refugees that the liberal bridade have invited in - and this situation really doesn’t help the govt, more wicked political capital for the liberal left


I’m afraid to say you are correct! The liberal disease is getting worse and worse in UK - even Brexit looks at risk of being derailed by the liberals now.


The problem here is rather convoluted… Yes, it was social housing. Here in the UK, they made a concerted effort to integrate social housing in all neighborhoods across the country. This one just happens to reside in Kensington, one of the most affluent councils in the country. It was their decision to ‘renovate’ this building to make it ‘look’ more upscale. Their decision was to do it on the cheap and use a product that has been banded for multilevel building in the US and Germany for decades… specifically because of its firehazard. Beyond that, we seem to have the same kind of ‘FEMA’ response to this fire as the US had to Katrina. Many people affected by this fire are still sleeping on the floor… People are rightly pissed at the government that created the death trap and the real response to help these people has come almost exclusively from volunteers… you don’t expect to have to rely on that in the worlds premier Nanny State…


Muslims protesting the fire and demanding welfare:

“We need answers and we need answers now,” a man said through a megaphone. “This should not be happening in the United Kingdom, this should never happen.”

I don’t remember any of them protesting any of their terror attacks.


Not sure if anyone picked up on this but the people who are calling for Theresa May to leave office over the Grenfell Tower fire should consider that the person in charge of London’s infrastructure is Mayor Sadiq Khan. So if anyone needs to step down it would be him.


@Fattisota @Scott

You guys are in some serious trouble over there.

Looks like the Labour party are seriously talking about seizing private property to house Grenfell fire victims, and wanting to vote in new laws to allow them to do this within 24 hours.


Not much different from seizing people houses to build a football stadium… The Taking Clause has… like most other things with the Constitution been appropriated and twisted to suit a new definition… besides how can you ever get to communism if people even have the idea of property rights… “Forward Together”… I think that is their motto now…


I don’t live in the UK but this story is being covered everywhere and it’s an interesting one.

I’m surprised that no one is calling Corbyn out on being a hypocrite. On June 7th 2005, Corbyn voted against requiring tower blocks built before 2007 from having sprinklers.

Here is the proof.


yep, John McDonell is the most marxist of the bunch of Labour - trouble is all those young, generally middle-class uni kids, have been indocrtrindated through years of PC drivel at school - another election soon must be avoided at all costs - get May out, put in someone like Davis to ride through the ideological storm


He gets called out all the time, trouble is, the ruling Conservative Party are a fairly spineless bunch full of soft liberals too


Unfortunately I don’t think May is going anywhere… with respect to Brexit, she is inept as Cameron. I don’t see any real leadership with it comes to the issue of Islam from anyone but Farage but like you said, far to many young people steeped in PC culture to ever let that happen… although… I’m not convinced that Farage would have the ability to deal with most other areas of the country… he’s a bit of a one hit wonder… Britian is in serious trouble and along with Britain leaving the EU… it just might tear itself apart… North Ireland is a tough one… hopefully Nicola will shut her pie hole for a while… its a mess…


for sure, and trouble is, May is a Remainer at heart - and Hammond is having a whale of a time right now - unsackable!

Just hope David Davis gets the top job soon…


Cameron never expected Brexit to turn out like it did… best to disappear and see if another remainder can destroy the process and fix the mess he created… good for watching though… Almost as good as US politics


well May is doing a pretty good job of trying to destroy Brexit - hell, a conspiracy nut would say that it’s all been an Establishment ploy calling for the recent General Election, knowing that the Tory’s would do badly and have to ‘soften’ their approach to Brexit