The Marxist Left already making political capital out of tower fire!


I read an article sometime before the brexit vote. It’s contention what that the globalist naturally didn’t want Britain throwing a spanner in the words with the EU project but at the end of the day… as long as Britain was still run by globalists… it was all good…


@Scott @Fattisota mark my words every immigrant/refugee housing complex is going to get burned down. It’s going to be a hot long summer for you too over there in the UK.


Funny how the displaced and death toll in Grenfell towers has suddenly tripled now that families have heard there’s compensation and gibs.


What’s even more interesting is how Theresa May thinks that illegal immigrants who were illegally living in illegal sublet flats in Grenfell Tower should have the right to remain in the UK, because they’re now homeless.

If they hadn’t been in the UK in the first place they wouldn’t be in their current situation. Logic has completely gone out the window nearly everywhere.


she’s desperate to cling on to power! Using the sob story line, and pretending to be sympatheitc is the sign of the times now, ‘emotional correctness’ is the new term so I hear


Wouldn’t be surprised if it was some kind of meth lab that caught fire, you know, one started by some illegals from Libya or somewhere, to fund their next terror attack in UK - and May is now letting them all stay! This country is becoming the laughing stock of the West!