'The Memo' Part Two ,,, and Part Three


Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) revealed Friday that Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee would examine other agencies, including the State Department, after releasing a controversial memo alleging surveillance abuses.

Speaking on Fox News just hours after Republicans on the committee released a memo alleging surveillance abuses by the FBI and Department of Justice (DOJ), Nunes said the panel was moving to “phase two” of its investigation.

This will be interesting to watch Tillerson on this one. I think Wray knew the problems that existed in the FBI previous to the release of the memo which caused him to act so swiftly against McCabe when he actually read what the House Intelligence Committee had produced… Just how deep in the muck is Tillerson to defend his State Department from past indiscretions?

Part 3 ?

Seems that the Senate Judiciary Committee is preparing their own ‘Memo’… Looks Like memos are flying fast and furious style…


Looks like some suspects will be lawyering up. Based on her book Brazile probably will be the first to step up to the bar.

Chicago style politics is about to have a floodlight stuck right up their keister.


What a scheme the FBI and DNC cooked up in the middle of a presidential election . How can ANY American not be distrustful of our intelligence community ? Why wouldn’t this crap shake the very core of trust in government ? :rage:


Haven’t heard that expression in a while…


I’m not sure if that wasn’t a Freudian slip…


A 2nd source has now confirmed that, in a meeting on January 10, Deputy AG Rosenstein used the power of his office to threaten to subpoena the calls and texts of the Intel Committee to get it to stop it’s investigation of the DOJ and FBI. Likely an abuse of power and obstruction.


Yep , dam it ! :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


Nunes writes a stupidly inaccurate attack on Mueller’s probe – then there is this elaborate Kabuki dance with lots of bizarre and unbelievable claims made about it in many directions.

It as if Nunes could pull damning information out of his ass, or write a devastating analysis of anything. It is shocking, frightening! The most alarming thing anyone living has ever seen! And it has to be highly classified! The information is so dangerous!

Sources and methods! Don’t release it! Don’t release it! Oh my God they are releasing it! And so on.

And then it turns out to be the only thing it could possibly have been along.

But Trump claims - the memo proves everything I have said! I am totally vindicated. And I made the tough, oh so very Presidential, decision to release it! Victory lap!


There needs to be mass arrests, convictions, and executions of these traitors. Starting with McTumor.


Let me clear things up for you. In a nutshell, the DNC and FBI with extreme bias manipulated the MSM and used fake paid for information to obtain an illegal FISA warrant to spy on candidate and then president-elect Trump. Even when this was known the FBI kept Ohr, Comey, Page, Strotz, and McCabe on payroll. They need to be locked up it’s abuse of power in the FBI and this was all under the Obama administration. Clear?


First of all, this, on its surface does nothing to the Mueller investigation itself and has damned nothing that Mueller may have uncovered. Trump might be every bit of what you think he is (However I doubt that because it is unlikely that anyone in the world could match such a low opinion). But for anyone who cares about the actual law and due process that takes place in our country… a lot of things that lead up to creating the Special Councel that are dubious at best.

The thing that is disturbing to me… and to democrats albeit for different reasons is that the farther we go down these investigations (be reminded that their are 4 running concurrently), the more we find that the Obama administration circumvented law, gave principle actors immunity, allowed for testimony not under oath, created investigation resolutions before the investigation was even well underway, mislead courts, and unmasked the names of Americans without real probable cause.

As I told @Montecresto1, I hope for everyone who sees past these 4th amendment violations that they receive a visit from black clad federal agent who kick in your do… find absolutely nothing and work with prosecutors to contrive an obstruction charge for a crime that never occurred and cause you financial ruin… Then… perhaps the rule of law and little rights like the 4th amendment will have renewed meaning.

Or better yet, we hear that because of the mountain of federal laws a citizen will likely commit at least 3 crimes every day… perhaps when they create that phony reason to kick your door down the will dig and poor though your life until they find the one little nugget that will put you in prison… an nugget that you might not have even considered wrong when you did it…


The TIC is the only one that wishes the Nunes memo impugned the Mueller investigation.


Could you quote the part where the memo addresses the Special Council or even uses the words ‘Special Council’ or ‘Mueller’?