The Most Liberal Place In America Is Also The Most Inequitable


Brookings Institution research confirms that the San Francisco Bay Area has the highest income inequality levels in the United States.

We see democrats talking about poverty and inequity and inequality and on and on and on but whenever a study is done about poverty or crime or opportunity progressive strongholds seem to be the worst of the worst… Either they just cannot practice what they preach or their model of prosperity and love is flawed…


They want to dictate how the rest of us live. They don’t care about living that way themselves.


You know the saying Be careful watch you wish for. These middle class Liberal Loony Tunes voted for this Bizzaro Three Ring Clown Circus Mayor of SF and U.S. Rep.
There’s no excuse for them to “cry in their beer” That is the price you pay for wanting to be the “trend setter” .



San Francisco is Filled With Drug Needles and Street Shitters

One of the most expensive U.S. cities to live in is on track to become one of the dirtiest cities in the world, an investigation revealed.

Journalists with NBC Bay Area released a report which surveyed 153 blocks in downtown San Francisco and found some shocking results: more than 300 piles of feces and 100 drug needles lined the streets of downtown San Francisco, including in areas near upscale hotels and government buildings.

The report brought so much attention to the issue that one website displayed an interactive poop map to shed light on homelessness in San Francisco.

One infectious disease expert told NBC Bay Area that the streets of San Francisco are on par with or worse than those of developing countries.

“The contamination is … much greater than communities in Brazil or Kenya or India,” said Dr. Lee Riley, a UC Berkeley professor.

Riley added that the slums in developing countries often have long-term housing for the poor, who make attempts to maintain their surroundings. He argued that the poor in San Francisco do not feel the need to clean up after themselves because of a lack of long-term housing.

City officials, however, say the solution to the problem is not through long-term housing, but short-term housing for the homeless.

City Supervisor Hillary Ronen said that the city needs to add more temporary housing in shelters for the homeless to combat the problem instead of using resources to find permanent housing solutions for the homeless.

“We need to find a source of revenue,” said Ronen. “Whether that’s putting something on the ballot to raise business taxes or taking a look at our general fund and re-allocating money towards that purpose and taking it away from something else in the city.”


What would happen IF President Trump called SF a SHTHOLE CITY.


-Bc they love the poor so much, that they have to create more of them to love.
-Bc they have to keep the poor “poor” so they can have them on post cards and plaster such image onto their favorite socialist politicians i.e. bernie sanders
-Bc they care for the poor so they want lax border control and virtually import illegal immigrants to depress the wage of the poor while keeping poor neighborhood crime-ridden and dangerous
-Bc they empathize with the poor that they implement various social programs, raised minimum wage and rent control measures so that the “not so poor” middle class can also struggle and get a taste of what its like to be poor
-Bc they are educated about the poor that they brainwash hundreds of young impressible and gullible high schools to pay for a 4-year professional activism career (just major in anything with a “Study” suffix to it), and become unpaid zombies “protesting” at the local “Muh 0.1%%”, while working at minimum wage jobs themselves, laying low and awaiting another REVOLUCION ANTIFASCHISCHE. This is your new “poor”.

At the end of the day, people are dirt poor and they would say “youre poor? I can fix that. VOTE FOR ME FOR FREE THINGS.”

Repeated time and time again. I live here, so i know.


Things aren’t free, someone has to pay somehow .


Please stop lying, my professor phd teacha in callege done teld me that thing wuz freee when the GREAt democrat abraham lincolm founded the democratic party and freee da slaves. Then the conservative KKK party members hijacked his party and renamed it the Grepublican Old pArty.