The network RT is the Russian government's main weapon!


It has proved formidable enough to put the West on the defensive. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry denounced RT last April as a “propaganda bullhorn” for Putin, accusing it of “distorting what is happening, or not happening, in Ukraine.” Western policy­makers have increasingly debated the need for a more vigorous response, either with fresh funding for their own media outlets, such as Voice of America, or a new Russian-language channel to fight Putin on his own turf.

On Monday, the Russian state-funded television network RT America met a Justice Department deadline to register as a “foreign agent” under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA).

Along with RT’s frequent coverage of UFO sightings, this type of material attracts a lot of eyeballs online. The videos on RT’s English-language YouTube channel have racked up nearly 1.4 billion views, thanks in large part to RT’s knack for posting raw footage of violence and natural disasters that tends to go viral, drawing more viewers to its political offerings.

The Justice Department has not offered a detailed public explanation. But in a January 2017 report accusing Russia of interfering in the 2016 election to elect Donald Trump, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence determined that RT and sister radio network Sputnik “contributed to the influence campaign by serving as a platform for Kremlin messaging.”


RT definitely has an agenda, but I do find their world news reporting to be accurate. Actually, I get a lot of my world news from RT because American news rarely ever covers anything but one or two sensational topics.


The interesting thing about RT is that they actually do have good investigative reporting and up to this election cycle, liberals would often use RT as a source to justify their opinions. What is insidious about RT is that while the articles are generally true and well edited, they are ALWAYS negative about the west in general and the US in specific and they of course never say a bad word about Russia. Several of the programs like ‘Watching The Hawks’ feature known Americans like Jessie Ventura’s kid… On that program you will of course see legitimate concerns about the over application of the us military, you just don’t ever hear about the use of Russian forces doing similar things… The fact is… liberals, truth be known, empathize with the material put out by RT, but they are pointing to Trump as the stooge…


I read an article earlier that said that Russia was already meddling in the 2018 elections… If democrats pull off big wins… is it dissatisfaction with Trump as Republicans will say as it was with Obama… or can we assume the election results to be illegitimate because democrats were helped by their Russian comrades? Perhaps this has been a multi cycle effort with the end result being massive immigration to the US by people with little loyalty to the country thus installing the party that has always found comradery with the central committee? Perhaps Trump wasn’t being helped at all… perhaps democrat just put up a candidate that had a snowballs chance in hell of winning, even though it would appear that she was far more vested in a relationship with Russia than Trump.