The only new gun control America needs!


These Kansas kids are learning how to handle guns AND use them.


The left is chipping away at the second Amendment after their attack on the First . :roll_eyes:


Of course those people who have their children in this kind of environment probably aren’t far from a church or a strong family environment where they also learn respect for life…


They are using the first to try and kill the second !


Self-discipline, self-control, good parenting, and the bible go a long way in creating our future responsible gun owners who will defend the 2A as vigorously as their forefathers have.


I believe that age 16 would be the minimum age for gun safety classes by CERTIFIED instructors after a REAL psychological evaluation of the parent and child.


Soooo… Let me get this straight… For a child to learn how to handle a firearm safely where firearms are possibly already a feature of a home and in homes of their friends, a child must be at least 16 both the child and the parent should be subjected to a state approved psychological evaluation? :astonished:


I think children should be taught fire arm safety as soon as possible pre school .
The Eddie Eagle GunSafe® Program teaches children in pre-K through third grade four important steps to take if they find a gun. These steps are presented by the program’s mascot, Eddie Eagle, in an easy-to-remember format consisting of the following simple rules: STOP! Don’t touch. Leave the Area. Tell an Adult .
From there the safe handling and firing should be addressed .


This is about an hour and a half from where I live. Kansas is mostly rural and a very strong 2A state, in fact open carry is in our constitution. This is why we did not have fear of poptarts and finger guns back in the day. Kids were exposed and trained. Schools had shooting clubs and teams. I keep stressing, these anti 2A people do not care about lives, if they did there are far more lives can be saved in other areas they do not seem to address.


I didn’t specifically say state approved. What I meant was an psychological evaluation by a psychiatrist of THEIR CHOICE and firearms training by NRA certified imstructors.I agree that the Eddie the Eagle training is.good.
Where I is more urban than.most of Kansas.and the parents of today go into a Panic Attack guns.There is alot less of commonsense and more Overthinking today. People believe because they have a college degree, they know more than.anyone that doesn’t.have a degree.


No, but you know as with occupational licensing, if someone says it is a requirement then the government must enforce it and if the government enforces it, people will lobby to be the arbitrator of who passes and who fails. It is always the way when someone puts a qualifying requirement on anything…


Yes but the things happen today,.there must be some criteria established to REDUCE those who may Fall through the Cracks and to give the Leftist media.less ammunition in their quest for Total gun control or confiscation.


Here is the thing why should every fire arms owner in the nation be forced to undergo a psychological evaluation to make people where you feel better ?
I know I don’t want to have to prove to a liberal educated psychiatrist who is pre loaded into thinking I’m already crazy because I want to shoot my fire arms !
That dog wont hunt ! I believe most legal fire arms owners are done making people who live in city’s who’s crime they can’t control feel good about laws that effect law abiding citizens not the criminals that commit the criminal acts !


How then do we attempt to sort out people that have mental problems from owning firearms and preventing them.from committing these mass shootings.


By paying attention… The Florida shooter had a well known history. Orlando shooter was known to the government. FBI knew about the Sandy Hook shooter, the shrink who prescribed knew the shooter… class mates found him odd. Every school shooter was on or just coming off of psychotropic drugs prescribed by someone…There is a good start…

Regardless, I don’t think that learning the dangers of a firearm or learning how to safely handle on can harm anybody and most certainly shouldn’t need a psychiatric evaluation to obtain that knowledge…


This guy rocked the house…


Start by not letting crazy people in our schools !
Let the schools and police do there jobs if a kids is acting up put it on paper and let a judge do what we are paying them to do . See something say something maybe this time the authority will do what we pay them to do ? The legal gun owners have been used as punching bag by failed progressive politicians for their failed progressive programs and we will not be used again .


Yes he did thanks for posting it !


The people of Parkland should be holding everyone in the chain of events accountable instead of blaming gun laws or the NRA.


Lemming they only know what they are told and progressives or M.S.M have no interest in telling the truth about legal fire arms ownership in America !