The only new gun control America needs!


We don’t give people REAL phycological exams prior to them becoming parents yet we want to target the unfortunate kids of nut cases.

p.s. They don’t offer gun safety classes in many places in flyover country.

Maybe we can start a new gun safety agency in the Federal Government wasting more Federal tax dollars. Throw in the welfare cases for free. A perfect solution.


“Laws are unconstitutional which infringe on the rights of the community …government should be disarmed of powers which trench upon those particular rights.”

Perhaps we’re focusing on disarming the wrong group of people.


Hunter safety is mandatory to get a hunting license in Michigan .
Michigan residents and non-residents ages 10 to 16 must purchase the reduced-fee Junior Base License. Michigan residents and non-residents up to age 9 may hunt with the Mentored Youth License. They must hunt with a mentor who is at least 21 years old and who has a hunting license.


And deranged young white men are using the second to kill innocent Americans.


Racist ? When it is clear that black men shoot each at a rate far above any other group !


That’s a problem too. But I was referring to mass murders at grade schools, high schools, colleges, theaters, malls, restaurants, concerts, churches, etc., committed predominantly by white guys.


That was a great speech. Big takeaway. Liberals…we don’t believe you.


A minority for sure !
What has changed in America in the last fifty years .
Socialism has become a mainstay of the progressive movement .
America started killing their unborn children .
Porn is every where .
We pushed GOD out of our schools and court houses .
Hollywood has embraced violence in the movies .
We shipped our manufacturing base to China and under employed millions of Americans .
We allowed illegal immigrants depress wages and take low skill jobs from American citizens .


That’s what you’re blaming for mass murder?


The blame for the mass shootings is the result of failures to put Mentally unstable people on lists not to purchase firearms and the failure of local and Federal Agencies to act when notified about mentally unstable behavior as in Parkland Florida. And not allow anyone on a No-Fly list to purchase firearms or update the list.


All true. And allowing 18 year olds to buy firearms. But thankfully, and to the gun lobby’s dismay, the Republican state of Florida, with a Republican controlled congress and senate, cabinet and governor just fixed yesterday.


Lol. :roll_eyes: The only thing that started happening was they began to be done safely. Abortions are a very old practice.


Well mass school shooting are a recent phenomenon January 29, 1979 !
Americans has always had fire arms in their homes !
So you tell me what has changed in America that would make middle class kids kill kids ?


Predominantly white kids and not necessarily from affluent families.


We can serve in the armed forces at 17 do a three year enlistment and not be allowed to own a fire arm when discharged .
This is the dumbest thing I have heard yet !


Spiting hairs they are not POOR kids !


I agree. I’ve always believed that 17 is FAR too young for that.


What did it cost America when it starting legally killing baby’s ?
How has that effected our children ?

Fifteen years before abortion was legal in America, around 85 percent of illegal abortions were done by
reputable physicians in good standing in their local medical associations.

Former abortion-rights activist Bernard Nathanson admits that he and his cofounders of NARAL fabricated the figure that a million women were getting illegal abortions in America each year. The average, he says, was actually ninety-eight thousand per year. Nonetheless, the abortion advocates fed their concocted figures to the media, who eagerly disseminated the false information.


Lol, what are we doing here, defending illegal abortions by doctors. :joy::joy::joy:


No trying to understand why white middle class kids are killing their play mates !