The only new gun control America needs!


But one common thread in all of them appears to be that they have received ‘help’ from our legions of physiotherapy ‘experts’. We talk about them all taking the drugs but we don’t really talk about why America is the most prescribed nation in the world. What is wrong with our society that would make us so mentally ill? Is progressivism driving people crazy?


Well, it’s starting to change, and there’s a long way to go, but not selling guns to kids is a good first start. Did you notice what the republican controlled state of Florida passed this week?


If ignorance were bliss you would be a very happy person ! :point_right::weary:


And you’re reduced to personal attacks and violating forum rules and civility because that’s all you’ve got.


Really you push shit out day and night and when someone responses with a simple quib you get all defensive ? Boring Yawn :point_right:


I push out my political opinion regularly but the incivilty of the trumpian resorts to personal attacks and name calling of fellow posters. A VIOLATION of forum rules but you guys don’t care about rules you don’t like.


You purposefully try to ruin every thread with your flawed shithole Mestizo logic.


I very purposefully disprove right wing lies.


Why don’t you try defending your racism instead of hating brown people. It’s most illogic to criticize people for something they have ZERO control over.


That hasn’t stopped you and all of your anti-white posts.


Where have I criticized anybody for being white, hmm? I pull back the curtain on American abuse of power, and America is multicultural.


I grew up around guns my whole life. Dad and I used to go to the gun show every time it came to town. I even learned how to forge knives in the backyard. When I went away to school most of the men and nearly all of the women had never been exposed to guns and were terrified when they found out I had one. People fear what they don’t understand.


Sourt of like your ignorance on most things not progressive !


Personal attacks is all you have.


‘fellow’… umm… thats a stretch.


By passing legislation like California and Oregon have passed.


Passing legislation really works. That’s how we ended drug abuse, DUI, rape and murder. Under 18 cannot get cigarettes or alcohol.


Can you imagine what our country would look like if we hadn’t ended all of those things? I can’t even begin to envision what a terrifying nightmarish hellscape that would be.


Look at this trash from the personal blog of Jeff Bezos:

It shouldn’t surprise us that mass shootings have increased as minorities and women strive for equality. Gun violence is rooted in white supremacy. We can’t solve the first without understanding its connection to the second. Discussions of gun “rights” in the United States usually revolve around debated interpretations of the Second Amendment. But if we truly want to understand the influence of guns in our society, we need to center the debate in a much earlier period, one before the Constitution or the Bill of Rights. In Colonial America, gun ownership equaled power.

Soooooo then what is stopping non-white males from buying guns…???


How would he prevent non whites in Chicago from buying guns as most murders in chicane are committed by non whites not to mention they have some of the strictest gun laws in the country???