The Pied Pipers of the Left ... And Their Ideological... Perceptivity?


We honor planned parenthood a political group with tax exempt status. And you have no problem with that as they mirror your beliefs.

While claiming that religious groups are political organizations. Perhaps some are however most are not. The left claims to know so much about religion while being totally uninformed. How often do you attend church???


That says it all.

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I couldn’t disagree more. We’ll leave it at that.


Lou weighs in again. The world is such a simplistic place when you put it like that. We disagree on so many things it is fruitless to discuss anything with you LouMan. Why not just leave it at that…


I agree you have nothing to add.


I had several points to make about your comments, some of them very much in the vain of @docgreen2010. As you no doubt would have held a similar disagreeable position to my comments and you are far more knowledgeable about Christian teaching and values and have bought into your own version of the glorious progressive past, I would have wasted your valuable time as well. We’ll leave it at that.

@docgreen2010… at least he didn’t do the conversation ending tirade normally associated with the highly tolerant and engaging left by calling you a racially bigoted hater… I guess their was nothing really to say… I mean, you had no error in your spelling so just how deep could the rebuttal go…


This is an interesting clip that shows the duplicity of liberals and just how lead around they are by thier media heros… listen to just how fast cobert takes the crowd from cheering the Comey firing to booing Trump…

But then again what do you expect… I mean Schumer is flapping his wings over Trump firing Comey yet on more than one occasion Schumer himself has vilified Comey

Comey will be all right though… after mutual disregard by both political parties has pretty well washed up his career in Washington, Comey received an immediate job offer…

We most certainly live in interesting times…


However to point out the flaw in Doc’s comments, he failed to clearly define the meaning of is.


Big difference between socialism and communism


Only if your refuse to understand that communism is a destination and socialism is part of the journey…


Socialism actually pre dates communism.
In fact capitalism and socialism depend on each other.
Ask the Norwegians…


Only…and I mean only, if you differentiate democratic socialism and cooperative socialism… I could be wrong but I don’t believe you can name a democratic socialist state before the Bolshevik … cooperative communities have been around for eons… difference is… each and every member agreed to the cooperative and it generally involves minimal government where as the socialist state you speak of takes control of production by… ‘democratic means’…


Again, try not to second guess what other peoples in other nations are feeling or thinking.
In most cases where socialism either failed or was never tried was due to the inability of the elites or ruling class to seriously evolve a system which would benefit their people.
Look at the lack of a national health care system in the USA . clearly those who have the political power either refuse to implement such a system or lack the genius to create it.


Well… Power seeks power not fairness… not distributed wealth… it seeks control… and if robbing some wealth to placate the masses is necessary, they will willingly point the barrel of a gun at the head of anyone required to hold and grow that power… It’s human nature not rocket science. No body has tried it because nobody in power ever really cared about it it as a fulfilling ideology and your Utopian vision won’t ever work quite the way you dream about because someone will always want the penthouse… you have never seen a lead live like a common man… and you never will.


All you’re doing is presupposing that all humanity is the same. that’s not true.


Well, we as a world… and that goes back to the cities submerged in the seas by time, have seen the rise and fall of humanities best and worse societies repeatedly. We like to think that we are somehow special but civilizations come and civilizations go… they go mostly because of their own arrogance and folly. The only thing that I think ‘could’ happen is that someone like you get your Utopian wish… the earth is at peace, world citizens are eating grapes in hammock, no one says a bad word, armies are redundant and police carry only an account charge device to extract your fine… Ah Paradise… then some determined aliens come along and subjugate a planet that forgot that it is nature, not man that rules the planets…and God is just one dimension away from our reality…


What are you trying to say?


We aren’t doing anything different that we have ever done… and in one way or another we will repeat our errors … its that wars and rumors of wars thing… Just as the US is divided today… not everyone is in to you nor will you ever find it to be that way…


We need to try something different. If we did then maybe we would have different results.