The Pied Pipers of the Left ... And Their Ideological... Perceptivity?


I re-read your posts and this great cover of Simon and Garfunkel came to mind and I really wanted to share it with you.


The situation in Venezuela points to my assertion that a nation needs the political will and its leadership needs the genius to implement socialist reforms.


The Bolsheviks and Stalin fit that bill… The Bolsheviks ran riot in the streets and Stalin murdered anyone that didn’t get with the program… I think Mao had similar success only he got the kids to beat their own parents…


Are you confusing socialism and communism… Too bad…so sad.


You are again believing that the human nature that creates one is a different human nature that creates the other… Besides your attempt as socialism would, if it has a capitalist component look an awful lot like a state controlled private sector… I think Mussolini tried to pull that off…


You’re looking at it as a zero sum game.

Why this infatuation or fascination with dictators?


Until you, like most other little progressives, find the holy grail in controlling human nature … Not that you aren’t on the case 24/7… someone, including your ‘leadership’ will want to be on top of the mountain along with all of the power and opulence it brings… and someone will want to knock them off… simple.


Precisely. Thomas Hobbes describes this in Leviathan as the state of nature. Unless there is a sovereign that the people agree to be ruled by, the state of nature ensues.


revealing your inner desires.?? keep dreaming.


If a society has the capabilities to successfully reach economic socialism which will ease the burden of the working class, is moving towards said socialist economy not the right thing to do rather than cling to a capitalist based economy which inherently entices individualism over the collective?


But of course socialism never created the golden egg required to sustain it…nor can it do anything but kill the goose that laid it…

P.S. I doesn’t ‘entice’ individualism… individualism and self preservation are inherent and inseparable from the human spirit


Doesn’t the collective mentality remove the desire to excel and make more, do more than the mediocre collective individual?

In other words why work harder, longer hours for the same as the person next door? Why become a doctor instead of picking up trash?


Along those same lines… why pick up trash when you can just sit around and pick yer nose while watching pick up the trash… Oh… one flaw… they would see you pickin yer nose and they would stop picking up trash and start pickin their noses too.

While in a normals society you can pick your friends and you can pick your nose, you just can’t pick your friends nose… but in a socialist society it is not only permissible to pick their nose but you can pick their pocket at the same time. :grin:


Pretty much sums it up.

I was always amazed while working for th Auto manufacturers in Michigan. Th union ensured that everyone was [paid equally so why bother to excel when you have no where to go?


Or capitalist reforms and give the people something to work for.


Your take on cause and effect is wanting: Corruption is above political philosophy. Political affiliations don’t define competence. Scoundrels may be found in all fields.


Someday people will realize power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

The reason for term limits in Congress.


That was profound 750 years ago. Most understand it quite well- enough that dynastic power trumps term limits is why trump got support of the RNC-which regrets that victory today. I refrain from similar platitudes like enlightened self interest and noblesse oblige as it pertains to the federal bureaucracy that is, btw, running under the confederate flag now it seems. Why do you think estate tax and “relief” for the wealthy is this president’s mantra?


LOL, maybe we should have tax relief for the 45% that pay no federal income tax. Oh that’s right, how can you give tax relief when your tax burden is zero.

Estate tax? Only an idiot cannot understand that people have already paid tax on estate money when they earned it. Why should the government tax it again other than to be able to waste more money?
If you want an estate tax, make it for everyone with no loop holes like Gates and Buffet use, a foundation where they dump their money tax free.


I don’t understand communism, who’d want to give their property to the state. I mean I wouldn’t. Imagine having a house, where many generations of your family have been living in, and it has a history, every time you enter it you remember your forefathers dreams etc. Would you really want to take the risk of getting your house bulldozed?