The Pied Pipers of the Left ... And Their Ideological... Perceptivity?


“Silent Majority”??? That is called marketing- not Reality. Life is different than the movie. In the movie you pretend you are different from libs and are impatient with what ignorant slow learners ‘They’ are. How old are you?


The ‘silent majority’ may have been a name used to described a group of individuals some years back but those same people exist in the youth of America today… They live on college campuses where they are afraid to voice their opinions because of the loving, tolerant and obscenely loud left that shut down discussion with their violence and hatred… They exist in business where they differ in opinion with those who think it is their responsibility to cover the mistakes of their employees personal lives or be forced to serve people they would never let anywhere near their homes. They saw threw the educational gauntlet that was carefully constructed to cloud their judgment. They haven’t made the noise that liberals make because their parents taught them a different set of values… they are all around you… and they are starting to get their voice because they have learned something from their peers that the parents didn’t… you can’t give a progressive and inch because they will walk all over you…

I know that you are will intentioned Mark. I see it in your the measured why in which you respond most of the time but you like most progressives are not interested in real engagement… because the only way you have ever been taught to solve a problem in society is 1) thought government and 2) more money. With that focus, you will never embrace the human nature that you can never extract from humanity with your progressive bludgeoning or understand the foundational principles that made the United States of America exceptional…


The election was yours to lose with Trump on the right.

The left chose to go with a loser.

What more can be said, stupidity reigns supreme.

Cudos for the blind support of another Clinton.


Well, I personally see much more strident and rude challenges from the Trumpsters by FAR across our country. I do a lot of road travel from sea to shining sea and see quite a different picture. Maybe you need to get out more?


What you mean… Pick up trucks with American flags and Trump stickers?.. Maybe like the vast urban ghetto enclaves that most liberals hail from are pretty mean to anyone with a Trump sticker… they just don’t what your kind around…:v:


2008 would seem to lay the blame at Obama’s feet in your statement.that Obama term, the one term president, had a clear legislaltive majority for 35 (thirty five) days. Look it up. A GOP legislative branch turned policy to practice. Obama didn’t resort to Eos until well into his (second) term. Even though that congress did little to nothing for 8 years they maintained the Cheney Way through that inaction- though facts are inconvenient.

Looks like a Great (healthcare) bill coming to the floor-if we even get a chance to see it- let alone read it.

If the Democrats want to regain full power, Congress, and the White House, their slogan should be; “Healthcare is a Right”.

If Democrats want to become relevant they will need to find a statesman in their ranks again- before Trump and Co begin to be considered “normal” in our once-great land.

I’m awaiting a first glimpse of the McConnellCare bill to see if he considered:

Healthcare cost per capita (US dollars)

  • US; $9,403
  • Canada; $4,608
  • UK; $4,003

Life Expectancy;

  • US; 79.68
  • Canada; 81.76
  • UK; 80.54

Healthcare costs per % of GDP;

  • US; 17.1%
  • Canada; 10.4%
  • UK; 9.1%

(9,403 - 4,608) x 350,000,000 = 1,678,250,000,000

the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s own behavior does not conform; pretense.

Example; Republican Party of the US (GOP)


“My kind”? I am as much an American as yourself- though I believe that dialogue is actually important to democratic process. That was pure weasel. Go to Mother Russia if that is how you prefer a society to be.

Do you forget that Trump lost the popular vote by a mere few million? Is that the mandate you infer with your superior crowing?


Meow Kitty… I don’t see why that was ‘weasel’ but I certainly didn’t say you were any less of an American than anyone. You however, inferred about ‘strident and rude challenged’ you get from Trumpsters… do you think that having an egg thrown in your face or being beaten to the ground is somehow the socially acceptable way to discourse… don’t forget it was Neil Young’s condensation that cause the retort of “Hope Neil Young will remember, a southern man don’t need him around anyhow.”

Liberals (as a group) stopped any real dialog long time ago Mark and if you feel caught up in the anger of left right politics … I’m sorry about that…


Perhaps someday you can post the wait time for healthcare in Canada or the U.K. Or how both are failing


I guess you aren’t either a vet or a working man that you get such timely appointments here- you are American I presume? I am pretty familiar with the long and short suits of the three systems and those stats are worth considering- unless blind trust in all things republican is the limit of your interest or attention span. Daddy will figure it out…


I wasn’t remarking on how I am personally treated across the country. I get along with most people. That is your imagination running off there. I generally keep my opinions to myself and don’t mess with those of others. This is a political forum. There is very little substance in the hurray for our side krap though. Not sure why I bother with it- thanks for the suggestion.


YI certainly am a vet and I rarely wait for a doctors apt more than a day or two

I never wait after calling for an apt and never see a PA or NP

My doctor sees all patients like my previous one that quit because of the aca

And yes my insurance cost is 30%+ higher with the government intervention


Excuse the confusion… when I talk about ‘I’… I mean me and when I say ‘personally’ … I mean… ‘I’

I agree with the very little substance comment… It is amazing just how many issues get brought up here and how little they are actually engaged. Many of the threads are nothing but ‘got cha’ posts that can only garner a ‘Yeah, your right… so?’ The comments that actually could be discussed aren’t because no one will engage their errors of thought. It’s like the arm waving over the many fascist things trump has done since he has been president… I keep hearing that he has and that he is but I don’t hear much substance as to what.

No one really wants to engage the debt or spending. No real discussion about the exponential runaway of entitlements to to revenue, even if you taxed people right up to the limit where they denounce citizenship and walk. I’ve attempted several times to talk about the monumental failure of the Great Society, the unintended consequences or anything fixes(other than more taxes)… but never the lazy society that it creates and what that means to the health of the nation.

I too feel that frustration of ‘why bother’… but I keep trying to engage people and in my small way, make a difference… some people however do not engage logically and like Ms. Thatcher, the operate on the premise of ‘The Lady’s not for turning’…

P.S… I still have more Hilton points on my account than most people earn in a whole career… At one time I had the most Hilton points awarded… I’ve been around…


And the idiots in the GOP should just let it collapse and let the democons live with it


Every communist country, or arguably, every country that has fallen to socialist ideals, has ended up with two groups.

A group of exceptionally wealthy individuals, often in government, government-owned business, and the military, who control the resources.

And a group of exceptionally poor individuals who consist of the super-majority of people in the country, who are exploited to further give the above group more wealth.


Communism as it’s defined by the communists themselves has never been achieved.

You could argue the Trotskian concept of perpetual revolution would push a country further down that road, but SIOC was the philosophy of all ‘communist’ countries.

Personally, I think the reason that communism always fails is that greed is a natural part of the human condition. Communism requires the destruction of a fundamental part of human identity, a part that no human being can conceivably destroy.