The Rabbit Hole


We are a group of Conservative free thinkers fleeing tyranny and persecution from other social media sites. This appears to be the first free place we have arrived at and we would like to set up camp.

We discuss:

  • Current affairs: what is happening in the world around us and why; to take a deeper look at the drivers and how the future could be impacted. How does the past influence the present and future? What lessons have been learnt from the past, or perhaps there haven’t.
  • Politics, Science and Philosophy: debates are backed by reasoning, evidence and facts.
  • Life: social changes, why are people the way they are now? What has changed?
  • A more light-hearted look at life, arts and music.

We challenge everything. Liberals and bedwetters are welcome to challenge us too, but please remember, your only weapons here are facts, truth and logic.


I admire the tenacity in your proclamation but don’t you think you should at least introduce yourself to the forum read more than 54 comments and be signed up a bit longer than 16 hours before you proclaim who ‘We’ are?..


You wont find such here. You either make sense or you dont.


Safe from being censored and banned for speaking the truth. Is that not the case?


It is the case, tho you wont be safe from criticism if you make nonsensical statements.


Sounds good to me Jen26

Count me in


Excellent! Thank you for the clarification.


Welcome but I have a quick question. You have mentioned “we” are you more than one person on this account or something?


There is more than one person on this thread, hence the “we”


Hi Guys, I have brought my tent to set up here for a while if that’s OK



What is this, the conservative revengers? I want in.


Hey Jen, I see we have landed in a place where the level of intellect is above the norm

…and I thought this place was supposed to be hosted in Iceland…
The forum that Freebird hosts stores all data in Freebird’s data center in New York, New York, USA.


We are hosted in Iceland. Our mirror is in New York as is our attachment storage. This avoids any impacts from GDPR overreach. It’s a cat and mouse game to guarantee free speech.

Welcome and thank you for joining.


Welcome Exodus. Let’s see if conservative thinkers are welcome here


Good to know that. Ah the good old EU GDPR


Yes…the bane of my existence. It was designed to kill sites like this one.


All views are welcome here. No one is silenced. That means the temperature tends to go up fast, which takes some getting used to. I just ask that we attack the ideas and not the person.

I recently posted how moderation works on another new member thread. If you came from PF it will be a very different experience than what you have grown accustomed to. I was once a member there too, quite some time ago.


Free speech is the enemy of the EU and would have been the enemy of the Democrats if Clinton had got in


Welcome everyone and enjoy your stay!


We have several friends considering joining freebird, tired of the snowflakes and libtards getting offended by facts.