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Back it up a bit further to the Korean war run by Truman. Clearly a disaster.

Politicians cannot run a war as they have re-elections to be concerned about.

And you are correct if we are to go into a conflict, the military should make all decisions not politicians.



Excellent work! This chart says it all.


Yes, I have that feeling too but we will see. Remember I told you it was going to retest 1.15? Well it appears we are way past that. I may sell more after the retrace. Good work on the chart BTW I have the same set up, I guess we also use the same trading platform.


They are just giving the rope to hang themselves with. By my estimation, something big is in the works and is going to come out soon. Its probably why voices are coming out lately at a higher pitch!


I witnessed this in Iraq, from a gun turret mounted on a Humvee.


Yeah I guess I see your point!


Then again, when politicians are running the wars, the intent is to drag them out. War is profitable!


Mexico will take care of that…


I like the idea, should clear the way for trump, then pence in 2024


Yes…but that would cause them to be over too soon for the politicians. Some of the politician type bastards love to play games with real war rather than war games with an ally.

Left to the Generals, a war might last only 6 days.


Not true. A quick clean kill makes a president look good. If a president can get in and out fast and “win” then he is treated like a king (almost). Bush the elder had amazing numbers after the war. But the longer a war goes on, the more a president’s popularity plummets.

As for money, War really messed up the debt under GWB. Long war is no longer profitable to a nation what with million dollar missiles and all. Its not like we hire a million Rosie the Riveters to build a million tanks.


Million dollar missiles are just one of the items that make war profitable…for some politician’s friend somewhere. Many politician’s family members likely have stock in the war machine companies.

I like the new expensive weapons that endanger as few American lives as can be accomplished…like drones that carry 20mm and 50mm cannons along with laser guided bombs…and are operated from somewhere near Las Vegas…to fire on unsuspecting assholes in the dark of night on the other side of the earth.


But they are not profitable to the nation that goes into debt paying for them. That was my point.


Ratheon and John McCain is a good example!



The Trump Dossier net work. Just to remove the BS narrative that has been going on in this thread by some Obtuse mentally challenged posters here! Lol!


When its others peoples money that is paying for the RD for the industrial Military Complex, then it is profitable! But yes your point is noted!


Actually you are correct by some standards, due to the fact the Iraq war for example could have been over after a few months. Haliburton was the biggest benefactor of prolonging that war. Hence the fact they (Paul Bremmer) decided to disband the Iraqi Army which led to massive casualties.

BTW, were you in Iraq?


Nope. I am too old for that war