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Yeah, I remember ol Jimmie real well. He from Ga – I’m from SC. Jimmy gave us gas lines, 55 mph on the interstates, daylight savings, 18 1/2% mortgage rates, nothing down houses to people that couldn’t afford them which led to the fannie, freddie meltdown of 2008. Bush 43 tried to fix that mess but barney frank and chris dodd stood in the way and wouldn’t allow it. In reality those 2 caused the collapse then were allowed to write the dodd frank banking regulations. You libs got a lot to be proud of there. BTW did you know that suitcase jimmy toted from Marine 1 into the white house to show he was a common man was empty – he a fraud too.


Vandalizing threads is not what we do here. Cut it out.


Got ya head up your ass. He passed that budget strictly to get the military budget and to get pay raises for the military.


You seem to have a comprehension problem. I said he’s only been in office 1 1/2 years – I mean it did take 8 years for the bammer to totally divide the country.


His predecessors didn’t give us the economy that we have. Work hard play hard. He’s being attacked by evil globalist demons and their armies of shills on a minute by minute basis. The man is some kind of superhuman for the amount of flak that he can take and just keep on going and be successful in everything that he does. He’s trying to Make America Great Again and people like you are trying to pull him down and pull Americans down. You want to destroy us. You want to eat our souls and kill our families and we’re not having any of it! If the man wants to golf let him golf. When he starts failing I’ll complain about golfing then. But he’s not failing he’s succeeding despite all the odds stacked against him and just like Trump, America will rise again.


…and we know that all Presidents deal with their jobs everyday whether “on vacation” or not.

The football is always nearby.


It wasn’t about his presidency, it was about the toll the office takes on a person, shrug.


Ok, I’ll try this again. Candidate Trump promised that he’d be too busy as president to golf, and regularly criticized Obama for golfing, now, he’s golfing more than any. He’s a liar and a hypocrite.


Personal insults have no place in debate…


Ok, go play with the rest of the incivil posters here.


The truth is a funny thing

Most people think they speak the truth when it’s jusr their truth


That’s not an insult. That’s a fact.


WTF!!! Dude I’ve made no such plans for you, sorry.


I thought it was just a few misbehaving users but this place is filled with right wing racist Nazis!!! WTF! How is this allowed?


Yeah, mostly but not all, you can find some people here to talk with…


Funny it is how the leftists revert to the race card and the Nazi card. Whenever you people encounter resistance to your agenda, you claim racism and Nazism.

Have you anything intelligent to use as rebuttal?

I am not racist. I am not a Nazi. I simply do not believe in the liberal agenda.

Liberalism is a mental disorder. It is basically incurable because they do not know they are sick…and they do not see the need for enlightenment.

If you were looking for a safe space when you landed here, you made a bad choice.

Free speech really sucks, doesn’t it?


There is a safe space category here…
Just hit the “Log Out” icon…:laughing:


Sure. Facts a bitch, ain’t they?


Then stick with the facts and cut out the msnbc bullshit and name calling.


Monte, I got a question bout your baby picture. Was you such a ugly baby that you cut the head off your baby picture and attached the head of a handsome, brilliant business executive you seem to love and admire??