The Rabbit Hole


Dear lord. How did hillary get in here?? :joy::rofl::joy:


I’ve never called you a name…


Leatherneck, can you debate without personal insults. That’s my question.


Haven;t called you one, dude


Read the above post about sticking with facts.


You mean about Carter??


Careful there @Leatherneck . He may consider ‘dude’ a derogatory term.


They give me shit for being OT, but I guess if your a Trumper it’s different. :roll_eyes:


You seem to be totally in the dark about what’s going on in the US at the moment. Don’t you keep up with economic figures and current events?


I think that everybody as engaged in politics as those of us that participate on political forums do, why, what’s your question.


@Leatherneck don’t mind Monte we use his posts as entertainment, you are right he is clueless.


Let’s see who on this thread gets triggered by a straw.



Wait till one or two others show up. They both have historical facts stored in their noggins that will knock ya socks off. The hole is not a good place to spew BS without knowing what ya talk’in bout.




I don’t mind monty at all. He seems a nice enough guy.




Al, where you get this stuff??? :rofl::joy:




No offense, but I hardly ever wear socks.:joy:

They remind me too much of cheap porno.:innocent:


Oh, you’ve got back up huh? Instead of the echo chamber, why not find a left leaning forum where you can actually excercise your mind instead of grouping up in a safe place like cowards would.