The Rabbit Hole





Ah, monty - U such a funny guy. Being in a room with a bunch of libs like being in a insane asylum. Ya just feel sorry for the pathetic bastards.


Gotta run. Ya gotta admit boys and girls – THIS A FUN PLACE!! :joy::joy::joy:


He is. He’s just got one of those Swiss cheese brains. I’m sure he has redeeming qualities that cannot be displayed online.

If he can get drunk and play a good game of ball-in-hand pocket billiards shortly thereafter, I might be willing to spend some time teaching him how to win.


Ok bro, have a nice evening.


In case you haven’t noticed, this thread is not a safe space.


How come u never say that to me…:cry:


Hey @Montecresto1 haven’t seen you for a while.


Hi Ashley, I guess you’ve been busy elsewhere. Nice to see you too.


Have a nice evening sir.


Yeah…my daddy passed away a little while back now and I was left in charge of everything. So after the initial shock and grief I had to handle all of his stuff and sell his house and make sure all the debts were paid. They don’t make dieing easy.


I’m sorry to hear that…


You’re a scientologist?


I’m sorry, I lost my father last year, he was 92, a veteran of the Battle of the Bulge. He had 9 kids so I had help. Sorry for your loss. Hope you’re hanging tuff!!!


No, not at all…


Just joking, I don’t know what you meant by OT. Long ago, a good friend of mine had a father who owned a church of Scientology, I got to know a lot about that crazy cult. OT is one of their exalted levels of achievement.


Oh sorry, I meant off topic dude. It’s all good.


Thanks @Montecresto1 and I’m sorry for your loss too. Your dad’s service to our country is something we ALL are indebted too. My dad was a Vietnam and spent his last days fighting with the VA. They aren’t there to help Vets…unless your old records are 100 percent perfect and legible. Anyway, I had a little help from my brothers but not much. That’s how it goes I guess.


That’s cool Ashley! Bless you!!