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why are you back tracking you categorically said you would KILL our families whilst feasting on there souls


Euro, EM Currencies Drop on Turkey Contagion Fear. German, French Italian and Spanish banks exposed


Well… I like President Carter as an individual with integrity and character but the fact is, poor or ill considered decisions take more of a toll on a president than correct ones… he made some blunders … one of them was letting Iran get away with holding 52 Americans for well over a year… Ayatollah Kockomammy should have never survived that act… and Carter has had to live with the blunders of his decisions…


It will be Stalinist next. Never let facts get in the way of a good insult.


Euro was due to drop pretty sharpish. It’s all in the charts.


This is added pressure, Pension funds selling off plus 10yr and 2yr yields down


Has anyone messaged “others”, Doc etc ??


I messaged Wayne2401, but not had a response



I used to think that Labour stood for capping achievement and distributing any excess ( ha ha ) amongst the worthy causes, aka the treasury. I used to think that Conservatives stood for encouraging free enterprise and rewarding those who can achieve by allowing them to keep a proportion of their earnings.

Then along came George Osborne who made the differences very blurred, and then there was the atrocious manifesto so badly published by TM at the last election. It would appear that the truth is: there are far too many have-nots for any party to publicly disagree with robbing from the workers and giving it to the spongers … some of whom are also workers. Unfortunately the majority of workers do not realise that they are being robbed.

The UK has lost its sense of identity. There is no national pride, except when we are winning at football or rugby, and as a result corruption is slowly setting-in across the functional blocks. In the NHS it is appalling management pandering to tick-box systems, however my recent interaction with NHS workers reveals that the coal-face is manned by people trying to do a good job. :flushed:


I think he is the best thing to happen to the USA in a long time.


Your dad a good man. Tough battle. Sorry for your loss.


She below support now. Had a profitable week - generally don’t trade on friday and risk giving profit away. Good US figures this morning could drive her on down the road, Prolly gonna B interesting next week.


EDIT I just shorted my lady – cot reports also favoring her dropping. WE C.


Hi Ashley. Sorry for your loss. Going through the same thing. Mom passed early Jan. She and my dad both Army Air Corps WWII. She was 96. I am finishing up with estate settlement this weekend. Sorry your dad had problems with VA. Some good and lots bad. I have friends that used them. One here in Augusta Ga and one in Charleston SC seem to do pretty good job. Another problem Trump first to seriously fix the problems.


When the pressure comes off the oil price it will break upwards. JMHO and 2c


We C. A matter when pressure comes off. If she closes both London and NY strongly below that orange support line I think it’s gonna be a down week next week – but hey, that;s why we have hoss races! :grin:



Hello from a previous life :wink:


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