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Hmm. Too obvious. I recently made a libtard prang their car by getting them very flustered. How’s that?


Okay, joke time!!!



Once, on a weekend fishing trip, a friend of mine received 3 calls in quick succession from his office. About 20 minutes later a forth came in.

He didn’t answer it… He picked it up and heaved it about 50 feet from the boat into the deepest part of the lake…and said, “Whoops! I dropped my phone. Not to worry, they’ll buy me another.”

When I go on vacation, I turn my phone off. If I need to make a call or want to check emails, I turn it on.

Some of my favorite retreats are to areas that have no phone service…ever.


Ok then, what if the car breaks down in the middle of a desert? What if there are axe murderers running wild? What if I’m lost up a mountain in a blizzard?


Then you either pull out your gun and blow the axe murderer away or turn on your phone to call for help with the car or rescue from the blizzard.

Your phone will likely not help at all against an axe murderer…a blinding flash device and a shillelagh might enable you to smash his (her) skull. Practice on cantaloupes to get used to the sound you will hear.

…and depending on where you are in the mountains or the desert, there may be no phone service anyway.


I always have my phone. I worry about not getting signal. Everywhere in the ski areas in the Alps there is signal. I had the opportunity once to drive from Phoenix to Las Vegas to take in the scenery, but I bottled it and flew instead because of lack of phone signal.


The West in the US is replete with no-signal areas. Sticking to the interstate system is often a safe bet, but there are such areas on them also…and the scenery is generally not as impressive as is found on state highways.


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*Jim, if you got youngins, you should look what they’re teaching them in SC.


Hence the 72 Facebook genders!



There are two genders of human animals and all other mammals: innies and outies.

When outies go in and out of innies, what later comes out of the inny may be another inny or another outy or a litter of innies and/or outies.


Hahaha, confuse me even more! I’m really having trouble keeping up with all these types of gender.


This might help. There will a test on this tomorrow, ……after you stop laughing


I am likewise equipped except I have a much more fancy… ‘flip fone’… :grin:


You should send that to NOW… I am sure the word ‘litter’ would get a rise out of them…


When I start to lose a bit of street cred I will move up to one of those fancy flip models :rofl::rofl:


You can do a degree in that. Is that what they mean by the left being better educated?


Most of my posts here I do from my phone. Most of the emails I write are from my phone. It helps if you don’t have sausages for fingers. :joy:


Apparently, according to Tusk, the Canada style plus deal was on the table since day one. Does anyone know anymore about this? WTF is going on with May?


I realise this is common place today, I just have little interest in mobile phones, in fact most technological products. I am partly responsible for modern gadgets unfortunately, as I spent 20+ years setting up and perfecting some of the largest production lines around the world producing the most advanced electronic products we have today. We were developing optical fibre and millimetre wave technology products 20 years ago so we could have the high power, high bandwidth products available today. We designed and manufactured micro-electronic and optical fibre products for all the major players: BT, Nortel, Lucent, Alcatel along with aerospace and mil products, it was endless high tech nonsense. One day I got bored and walked away and now I like to play stupid so I can get back to normality. :grin: Away from engineering this sort of stuff!