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I believe that Verhofstadt said that it wasn’t an option



This is funny! This woman wants to run for President in 2020, yet she can’t remember what Native American Tribe to address! Imagine the irony! Yeah OK, with her low energy fake promise that she has a plan!




This is dedicated to Ross! This song if I am correct was about the original Pink Floyd Member Sid Barrett, who pretty much took too much LSD and lost his mind, and now is a mailman somewhere in Maine! Of course the latter can not be confirmed its was just a rumor, who knows if it was true or not!


Thanks for reminding us of that two faced, arse sucking, vindictive piece of work, who hounded someone calling them “paedo” but who lauded a convicted rapist. What next, a ballad for Winston?


Getting an early start this weekend, can’t wait for the chill lounge for nice Martinis at Happy Hour! TGIF everyone!


Oh come on! What part of crazy and losing your mind do you not understand?

Do you want me to massage your feet? Will that make it all go away?


If that loser was contrite, he has our emails. Heard nothing. Ross didn’t suddenly lose it; the clues were there all along, only we thought he was playing games.


Who knows! People who lose their minds don’t necessarily think about sending e-mails to show remorse. They go to other worlds of dysfunctional dystopias and never come back!


A well salient point by Tucker. The Kavanough Nomination will no doubt be the turning point with the leftist Democrats who by all measures will be in open revolt. Get ready!

I like guns and I like our chances against the communists!

This is the Democratic strategy

  • √ Phase 1 – Activate last minute delay chaos (prior “Me Too” investment).
  • √ Phase 2 – Use sex assault claims to demand investigation, further delay. Use republicans, not democrats, to establish/frame the delay.
  • √ Phase 3 – Use investigation to frame validity narrative; further delay. Use republican fear (leverage Jeff Flake) not democrats, to continue the delay. Manipulate FBI. Shift investigation goalposts.
  • √ Phase 4 – Use “deeply flawed investigation” narrative (witnesses ignored); to isolate Murkowski/Collins and keep Flake in position. Drum mid-term “Let the voters decide”. <= WE ARE HERE
  • Phase 5 – The mid-term election.


Macron tells the United Nations that the EU would gladly welcome Britain back if we corrected our historic mistake

As French President Emmanuel Macron is accused of plotting to stop Brexit, DOMINIC SANDBROOK says it’s time to cut this Napoleon down to size


Just bring up Germany and how they occupied France in WWII! That will shut them and Macron up real fast! Want to talk about history? Laugh in their face!


The EU was designed by Nazis and French are fully on board with that. Germany love the EU because it devalued it’s currency and keep it low, making it more competitive. France loves the EU because it makes all other countries in the EZ as uncompetitive as France


Aww, isn’t this cute?



All of it.

Good. They can stay away.




The Frogs have long had their noses in the air. I often thought that trait was to lesson the possibility of inadvertently smelling each other’s armpits.


Yeah, I think it was David Gilmor being interviewed some months back who stated that Sid took two LSD and never came back…


I never thought he was playing games. GFR :clown_face: