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… I have completely forgotten about Ross

I was however recalling the recent atom of information concerning Barret. People (usually adults) often say things such as “drugs are bad” without much to induce belief in their audience (usually youngsters). There are however a few demonstrable failures.

  • Amy Winehouse, who died of a massive self-inflicted alcohol dose. Her alcohol problem had apparently become worse since she cut the heroine and cocaine.
  • Janis Joplin, a performer on a par with Aretha Franklin but who succumbed to heroine in her early adulthood, IIRC.
  • Philip Seymour Hoffman, until he died in 2014 I didn’t know that he had a problem.
  • “Syd” Barrett, who basically fell apart mentally after using LSD.

So if anybody was in any doubt about drugs…


Whereas I simply examined the screenshots he brought here, and pointed out the flaw in his inferences. That degenerated into an ugly situation during which Ross over-stepped some other lines. For me there is no coming back from that. So … GFR :clown_face:


Sarge, you should not consider this place on a par with social media. It is the haven we fled to after ‘commercial pressures’ forced us out of The Tomb. It is a selective chatroom for us, and if the membership grows too substantially it may become miserable. However on a brighter note some of the more irritating visitors have faded-out, largely as a result of the hard-core Rabbits’ mutual support structure.

Social media … I never use it. I realized back in '81, when the CB radio thing was ‘allowed’ to practise in the UK, that most of the other participants are Trolls intent on feeding their own egos by making the lives of others miserable. So when facebook launched, and all the other distractractions, I simply let them pass me bye.


…I missed that little detail!


There is a distinct lack of understanding within our government. They fail to see the difference between essential economy-easing infrastructure and a convenient vehicle for extracting money from the populace.


That would only be true if you were considered a “majority of people”, thankfully you are not. Most sane people believe that it was the barbaric, war mongering, paedophilic, misogynistic, homophobic, terrorist ideological, death cult ISLAM, who were behind 9/11


The flaw in your argument is that it is not me saying anything - I am only quoting some very well respected political commentators like Paul Craig-Roberts.
Bet u still believe in the tooth fairy and father xmas too.


Now there’s some traditional names we don’t come across these days.

Charles Cholmondeley, Sir Bentley Purchase, Ewen Montagu a perfect line up for a sketch on Harry Enfield and chums or the fast show :grinning:


Paul Craig-Roberts “respected political commentator” my hairy arse, is a conspiracy theorist, who puts you to shame and as to your poll, 605 people is not the majority of people in the USA, unless you can prove otherwise and the 1000 people polled doesn’t meet the basic polling industry standard sample rate. You are a complete numpty :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

“tooth fairies” are definitively your domain Buttdicker


We’re still both in the same tree! :nerd_face:


No-where do the polls say a maj in USA they just reference a majority but like all Yanks you think the world starts in NY and ends in SF. Like all polls they use samples of the pop which is representative of the total pop.
The conclusion drawn by the pollsters(not me or PCR) is that a majority of ppl do NOT believe the official story.
It’s getting boring teaching monkeys like you how to read - please try harder with my next posts


You’re doing nothing more than promoting unsubstantiated conspiracy theories.

The truth is that 19 radical Islamist swine commandeered 4 commercial airliners and flew all but one into politically chosen targets, killing upwards of 3000 people on American soil.

Were it not for some brave souls on the 4th plane, it would likely have reached its target.

You are incorrigibly full of shit.


Ok time for some more dumb q’s
Why didn’t they find any of the indestructible black boxes?
How did BBC manage to report the collapse of WTC7 20 mins BEFORE it collapsed.
Why have there been no(zero) examples of skyscrapers collapsing at freefall speed(due to fire) apart from the 3 at WTC.
How come not one Joo died in any of the buildings? was it bc they all got a text msg the day before - all 4000 of them.
I’ve got more but thats a starter


That may well be so but you wouldn’t believe the pleasure I get from dumping it on fuckwits like you and dev LOL


They did.

I don’t know that they did. If they did, perhaps they guessed right and ‘got the scoop’ on a headline. Are you familiar with the “Dewey Wins!” headline?

Perhaps you are ignorant of the weight of buildings and the affects of heat on steel structures.

More of your demented bullshit. You should get a real education somewhere before you die stupid.

Don’t waste your efforts. Sane people are not interested in your conspiracy shit.


So how many Jews actually died - do you know?
Btw if you want me to take you seriously you will have to find something a lot more credible than the Joo-ish owned and run, totally discredited, almost bankrupt, Snopes site


There are multiple examples of buildings that burned, at much higher temps, for days without collapsing.
Ur right I am not an architect and may be ignorant of such things - but as I only deal in facts, my education is irrelevent. you on the other hand try to ignore facts even when they smack you in the face - is this maybe bc they attack your cognitive dissonance and make you feel uncomfortale


I’m not concerned at all with how you react to me.

Your logical fallacy of genetic rejection is telling.


So where are they and what info was retrieved/


Why don’t you go start a conspiracy theory thread and stay the fuck out of this fun thread? Asswipes like you can fuck up a one car funeral.