The Rabbit Hole


Neither should you be just keep posting coz the more ppl read this stuff the more awake they will become - my only objective.


I feel like we are more than pen pals here but more like a family of brothers and sisters in this journey we call life and if we can share a thought here and there freely and lend an ear maybe we can encourage each other to keep on keepin on. It’s like the Trump moto: “We keep on winning”.
We should share what we know otherwise it’ll be forgotten.
Knowledge is like when your climbing a mountain, the higher you go the more you can see. The more you see, the more you realize how little you knew. It keeps you humble.
I thank Patriot, again, for setting up Freebird where free thinkers can speak the truth openly and not be silenced by the dark, wicked spirit of the fascist new world order and it’s delusional lemming followers.


Oooh think I struck a nerve LOL



:rofl: You flatter yourself.


Don’t think that is your call to make
But if Jen agrees with you I’m gone.


I refer you back to the article where PCR says the following…’‘Today polls indicate that a majority of people do not believe the official 9/11 propaganda any more than they believe the Warren Commission Report’’ When a word has an s at the end of it, it indicates multiple/plural ie more than one Wow your English comprehension is even worse than I thought. It does not refer to the only poll conducted of Americans which you selected.

Think PCR had you in mind when he wrote the following…’’ the idiot population, no matter how many times they had learned that the governments lied to them initially believed the next lie, thereby permitting the lie to become fact. Thus, the idiot Western populations created their own world of controlled explanations.

Only a deranged person could believe anything any Western government says. But the Western world has a huge number of deranged people. There are plenty of them to validate the next official lie. The ignorant fools make it possible for Western governments to continue their policy of lies that are driving the world to extinction in a war with Russia and China.’’


I didn’t make a call. I asked you a question. Nobody owns this or any other thread.


That’s OK Buttdicker, we are all wise to your constant excuses for the barbaric, war mongering, paedophilic, misogynistic, homophobic, terrorist ideological, death cult ISLAM, who were behind 9/11


Voting to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh right now! Done! Confirmed!




And now I lay me down to sleep…:sleeping:


If my present “station” in life depended on the level of drunkenness I was capable of in the 18-21 range. Shew… would probably be digging holes for the city council somewhere.

Very pleased the SJW’s in Dem clothing were denied their smear campaign. At least for a moment, sanity prevails.





You come up with some of the best…:+1:


I can’t help it! They’re too funny not to share! lol :rofl:







The best speech of the Kavanaugh saga. :+1: