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In the documentary I posted earlier about Operation Mincemeat, the most audacious hoax of WW2 which changed the tide for the Allies, for the mission a body was required. Although there were a lot of bodies to choose from during wartime, it had to be the right body, and fresh. Anyhow they chose the body of a Welsh tramp who had committed suicide. The death record stated he was a “lunatic.”

How refreshing to see in those days, a spade was called a spade. If you were not of rational mind, you were a lunatic. “Liberal” used to mean “free.” The left have destroyed that word. If it was up to me, it would still be “lunatic.”


Good British documentary :+1:
I just sent you a PM


After growing up with their later stuff, I am glad I didn’t hear this first :rofl::rofl:,
not my favorite of theirs !


In 1918, MEN used to deal with machine gun fire, snipers, grenades, mortars, shell shock, & watching their friends get murdered. In 2018, soyboys find safe spaces to draw pictures, pet therapy animals, & whine about things they don’t understand.


After Kavanaugh the Libtards aint happy.


Just meet a new Albanian girl new to America bright eyed, smiling, English is hard for her but I bet in 5 years she graduate college and achieve success in America, then I see Latinos and hatians


Well guys, this is a rather disturbing listen…








:+1:Financial dot connector. This is starting to look at the other side of the coin, who the real controllers are. I was hoping Trump was the real deal, had discussion with Jim when he was elected along the lines of what this guy is intimating, I sincerely hope he is wrong about Trump but I keep hearing those words by Ed Griffin about the left/right paradigm and can’t help wondering is it all part of the script.



Stu, I have the same thoughts abt Trump but think he is the front man for the good guys - I think a lot of the reports abt Trump are double bluffs to divert attention from whats really going on behind the scenes.
Have you been following Q?


It would be very hard to have serious money and not be indebted to a Rothschild at some point. Not in a nefarious manner but simply because the family is a principal capital supplier for a few centuries now. They were around Trump’s parties in the 90’s but went socially quiet thereafter, I suppose a little age-induced.

The Rothschild’s do produce a few nice things…


I am still convinced that Trump is the real deal. He has shown leadership and loyalty to his people we’ve never seen before - maybe not since Washington. Even Reagan didn’t stand up for Bork. Bush the elder didn’t stand up for Thomas – he was brilliant enough to defend himself. I watch most of the Trump rallies. I keep up with the stuff he is doing under the radar to improve and restore our manufacturing base and basic freedoms. He and his family have been slimed much worse than Kavanaugh’s. He is a man on a mission. I don’t think he had any better idea about how corrupt the justice dept. was than the rest of us. He has children and grandchildren and like the USA or not, if we fall the rest of the free world is toast. The skunk called communism ain’t changed its stripes.

I believe in patriots that are still willing to serve and die for their countries. I don’t believe most conspiracy theories. There’s a new one every few minutes. Just look at this thread. There’s a thread here at freebird that is questioning if Churchill, one of the worlds great leaders, was the real thing. Because of the internet, millions of people that have never accomplished anything in their lives are sitting around in their skivvies, picking their noses, scratching their ass’s sharing their “wisdom” and telling us how things ort to be.

There are a few real shakers and movers in the world and I sincerely believe Donald Trump is one of the good ones.


D’ya think its payback time?


Yeah it’s because of you boys on the ground there that report such good things that I hope he is the real deal Jim and also believe there are people there as there are here who are prepared to die for their countries but there are no doubt the same strong convictions on the left too, no matter how deluded we think they are. Divide and conquer has been a tactic used for ever.

What I don’t agree with is your view on conspiracy theories. I believe everything is up for taking a closer look at and because of the internet millions of people sharing information has proven that some so called conspiracy theories became as true as black and white.
I think it is really dangerous to say we can’t question Winston Churchill, God, Jews, Queen, etc etc etc. They are all fair game in my view.

Many conspiracy theories are fabricated by intelligence agencies to deliberately cause the kind of reaction you have and that is to say “Oh BS, some goofballs on the net talking through their arse again” and this reaction then tends to treat all new information as sensational bullshit and blanket cover genuine topics.
Incidentally I tend not to pick my nose but I do scratch my arse now and again.:joy::joy:


Boud I haven’t been following Q will put it in the watchlist , cheers :+1: