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I hear what you say Jim but it easy to see when debt/finance is controlled by so few how advantageous that control can be.


Senator John McCain was executed. Brett Kavanaugh is being taken down by the Democrats because they, the Democrats, fear the coming arrests & military tribunals.


Can’t disagree what you’re saying. Days I think we winning - days I think we not. We got major problems here - 100 years in the making. I think, for instance, that Johnson’s “great society” and “war on poverty” outright schemes to break up black families to make them dependent on government and thereby create a voting block was real. Bush’s “no child left behind” a plan hatched up by he and ted kennedy to make another dependent class. Don’t look at any of this as conspirities but just the way socialist operate. There are those that will tell you mccain and justice scalia were murdered. I don’t buy it.

Reason I stay concerned because citizens just plain lazy and unless something is biting their ass they generally could care less. I am beginning to believe that if we have leadership we will survive but if we go back to allowing deep state political parties provide us with “candidates” the cycle starts all over. Again, not conspiracies – just the way they operate. Why I think this time is different – Trump has made the country aware of just how much the country is at war with those trying to destroy our form of government.









I have always thought that, and as an outside observer he seems to be doing a really good job.

I was therefore surprised, and slightly dismayed, to listen to that vid. However I also know that it is really difficult to perceive the boundaries between the various shit-farms. So I shall continue to believe that Trump is the best thing to happen to the USA until there is something dredged-up that Trump finds difficult to redress. :+1:


:+1: You are on the conspiracy path mate as a lot of people don’t even think “deep state” exists. :wink::grin:


Israel has had the Golan Heights since 1967. I don’t see what the scandal is supposed to be with this list of people. Oil and gas exploration is really risky, and doing it in something of a war zone is even riskier. These guys may know the risk of monkeying around in this area but they sure don’t know how to find oil and gas.


So using the same argument if Russia invaded Alaska and started drilling for oil that would be ok with you?




That’s stupid logic. If we had foolishly tried to take Russian territory and instead lost and we lost part of Alaska, that’s what you get when you launch a war and you lose.


HaHa, what can I say other than i’m a old dinosaur living in a insane world!








:+1::rofl::rofl: It’s the wrong shape Jim !!:rofl::rofl:


This could be down to other factors but it really concerns me that these mongrels are anywhere near the food chain. We don’t know what diseases they already have and their own idea of personal hygiene is very poor. I’ve seen this lot first hand, spitting in crowded public places, defecating wherever they feel like. I spoke to my mrs about this couple years back and recall saying the food and water supply chains leave us so vulnerable, much more vulnerable than some lunatic in a van.


FFS I hadn’t considered this Stu, the fact that extremists could get themselves into food production companies and contaminate produce. This would be easier and less risky for them than making a bomb and they wouldn’t automatically die in the act.
What with this idea from the extremists and the possible actions from the governments (if the attached vid is true) it will be hard to stay safe at all.
I saw this vid link below of an apparent presentation in 2005 for a project the governments were considering.
If it were true it is quite alarming how far the governents are prepared to go with societies enforced treatment. We might say great because this is showing a fight against the extremists but what else would they want to try for the good of all people ??