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Agree mate. I have never had any of my kids immunised and their kids haven’t been immunised. I don’t trust the bastards. Keep the body right and it’s own immunity can take care of itself. Also as you point out, they can say a vaccine is for one thing but they also know it can do another thing. None of mine will ever be their guinea pigs.

I think there are countries that will not give benefits if children are not immunised and schools that refuse entry etc. Basically trying to force people’s hand.

How easy/difficult would it be to spread a virus through vaccination, food chain, water supply ? Salisbury is clear example of how difficult it would be to defend against.


I thought Typhus died years ago? - Is this another benefit of diversity?


I reckon Paris will have it too.


Did your children get shit off health visitors for not immunising your grandchildren ?


Yes they are evil bastards that is what they try to do to break you down. They tell you how bad you are not wanting to protect your children.

I made error before, 1 grandchild has been immunised due to the pressure. My eldest son’s wife caved in to pressure from health visitors, (he was away with work) and had their daughter’s first round of immunisation but she was so ill and picked up so many childhood illnesses they didn’t progress with any follow up. All the other G/kids literally hardly any childhood illness up to date ( 2 are aged 17 and 19) and they are doing great. If they get a sniffle it’s gone in a day. They haven’t had their own immunity compromised with the shit the government want to pump into them.


I wonder if a lot depends on the strength of your own immu system. I had full shots when I was young as did all my brothers and sisters and we rarely had any illness to speak of but all of my mothers family are strong and healthy and lived healthily into their nineties.
I suspect the gov’s programme helps the weaker children more but because they have no way of selecting they just cover the masses.


Well that could be viewed as you had a very strong immunity from your mother’s side and that has protected you. I personally don’t believe that giving children vaccines is the right thing to do. If the government are so concerned make sure that kids gets good nutrition, that is the best way to boost immunity. I think this would be far cheaper than paying drug companies for their crap with unknown affects years down the line. Have you seen what’s on offer in today’s school dinners ?
Anyway at the very least it should be about choice. You should not be bullied into accepting immunisation.


If you read this article … the standard of journalism does not measure-up to even the News of the World (R.I.P.)


Which is fine, except that with the onslaught of the immigrants diseases which had been near-wiped-out have begun to resurge. Diseases such as Polio and TB. Those diseases were eradicated through immunisation.


It is definitely true that some families can exhibit above average self-defence-and-repair capability. I get hardly any colds, don’t bother with the flu shot, I do give my body time to heal after certain events. I had the full suite of jabs but I also pre-date the bio-engineering era.

My partner on the other hand gets wiped-out by simple colds and stuff, and has even pointed out that I never seem to suffer as she does. I take a multi-vitamin ( :scream: ) and that has started her taking more care of herself.

My now 85-yo mother has bounced back from heart valve replacement, one hip replacement, and is currently under the knife for a bowel problem … so I expect her to be chirpy again by Thursday. We shall see…


Best wishes for your mum. Yes the “bio-engineering” factor !!
This is perhaps where the biggest effects can come from. There is little opportunity to know exactly what “add ons” the Gov and pharma will include in the future. I have not been entirely against immunisation programmes because clearly huge improvements in certain areas have been seen, I just think the pharma co’s will milk this and produce vaccines for anything that provides them with revenue and little benefit to the consumer. Like you, I never had a flu jab but with the different strains each year (we are told) pushing more scared people to have them it makes me wonder how much these changing viruses are influenced by pharma. It appears the Gov / media and pharma join forces to help us but maybe they are actually colluding to infect us in the first place.
And I am not normally a conspiracy theorist :rofl::rofl:


Those diseases, as many do affect the weakest in society generally. Something will always kill the weak and vulnerable. I don’t know if it was eradicated through immunisation as improved sanitation has played an obvious part but if immunisation played a part fine. I still would rather take my chances and believe in nutritional/fasted healing over introducing something to my body that was never meant to be there and of course the obvious answer is halt immigration and for those that do meet our requirements in terms of education and skill they must be health screened before admission.


Ex you may want to re-think that multi vit. Without the correct balance of minerals, vitamins can’t be absorbed. I think they are the equivalent to the antibiotic of the so called “Health” side of the industry. There is lots of science to support they are next to useless but a nice earner.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery to your Ma, she sounds a tough old bird.


Someone writes a computer virus, somebody writes a program that you need to get rid of that virus. Is it really conspiratorial to think the same person can’t be doing both ? I think it’s just using common sense and thinking things through.



Remember the movie “Catch me if you can”, with Tom Hanks and Dicrapio. Dicrapio was forging checks, diplomas and was good at it till he got caught by the FBI. What happened after that was the FBI gave the criminal a choice, stay in jail and rot or help us catch forgers. The government hires criminal hackers and then uses their skills. Makes good sense to use them.
Notice how Macs are virus free while Microsoft PCs are full of them?
Criminals and industries can get together too to create havoc with computer viruses.
Remember the y2k virus that wasn’t?


Yeah poachers make the best game keepers.

Lots of examples out there in all areas of life of problem creators who also offer a solution to the problem they created, of course for a fee !

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Hoping all goes well, Ex - B thinking bout ya!


Wishing you and your family well and quick recovery for your mom!