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Democratic staffer accused of doxxing GOP senators denied bail


Let the libtards know they’ll have to pay!





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This guy started the EDL because when the East Anglian Regiment came back from a tour, and marched through the centre of Luton, the locals boo’d them and shouted insults.

This is the nature of our society today, TR gets a blackened name whilst the non-native inhabitants feel insulted due to … !


Yeah shocking mate.
It’s a complex issue, there will always be some who believe some wars are justified and others who think the opposite but regardless the rank and file (those young lads) are always just following orders and are the ones who are hung out to dry. Like the guy who finished off some rag headed bastard after watching him slice his mates throat, it was in the field of battle but when he got back to Blighty we jailed him. Meanwhile Tony Shithead Blair is still free to roam.


I didn’t make it obvious but there is a link in description of video to a petition


Hiya Good to see another convert from the FF mafia


That guy’s name makes me feel ill.
So does the sound of his voice.

I once suggested that he be found a retirement home in Raqqa.
I have moved from suggestion to firm belief, what a bastard … and he is still trying to disrupt Brexit. I have already emailed R4 when I heard him on the radio, demanding to know why they were giving him air-time. I think he needs to join David Kelly.


BTW I call him Tony FW Blair, and wait for people to ask what ‘FW’ means.


A character out of VIZ ? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: