The Rabbit Hole


Summing it up real well.



And what do we do in UK?



Today London - tomorrow PM - No10???










You couldn’t make this shit up, and if you did no-one would believe you.


The EMI award is next!



That looks like Gary Oldman in a wig!



Will Ferrell


Nothing is ever black and white - I like to think Trump is one of the good guys but I soetimes think I might be wrong.






I would be happy for the rank and file with some pissed off leadership to break away and impose a spell of martial law and have a proper sort out until we’ve cleared out all the rot.


It seems the Brits are having as much or more trouble with those that sympathize with the goddamned radical Islam movement.

Every time some goat fucker gets offended over here in the US, some of Obama’s stink covers them with sympathy and we pass some stupid fucking law that protects their ability to pray whenever and wherever they want while all symbols are Christianity and a football coach’s ability to have a prayer with his team before a game is squashed.

Fuck radical Muslims.

Islam is a theocracy, not a religion. As such, it should not be granted freedom to impose its laws in any sovereign non-Muslim state.


Nope. He’s one of the best guys. Control of the Senate by one vote means nothing, especially when several “Republican” Senators are just RINOs.