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I don’t and won’t buy Halal certified meat. No animal should have to undergo the barbarity that Islam inflicts on animals, nor should anyone have to pay Islamic taxes without their knowledge or permission.

If you want to know the level of barbarity inflicted by Islamic Halal slaughter, here is a video. But I warn you this is sickening cruelty. This is what you are supporting if you buy Halal and shame on you if you do.

You have been warned


The lovees need to see this and all the other so called cultural enrichment the grunts they defend bring to our shores.

And we had Cameron thinking he is the dogs bollox saying how he doesn’t have a problem eating halal. :confounded::exploding_head::tired_face::tired_face:


Cameron was a snowflake Libtard as well


I am allergic to Cheddar, it took me a while to discover that.

I have never heard of this, therefore I want to try it!


Interesting to see which countries have a projected reduction in M-head-count, as opposed to a simple percentage reduction.


LOL as over 10% of the US is foreign born not counting illegals which could easily be another 10% of the US population.

The entertainment industry hides in their mansions, behind gated walls and claim, we need more foreigners.


Some very appealing places if you don’t have an absolute need to work.


Yanks are easy to sell to! Bit of charm and nice smile. :grin:


The problem is that halal meat isn’t always labelled. It is cheaper for them to do it as halal anyway. I think we might need to explore that.


I agree but we have this to contend with


I can do the charm & the smile but how will the women react when I pull up in my trusty Renault to cut the ribbon on the first opening. :laughing:


Don’t turn up in your Renault, park it around the corner. Better to tell people you arrived by bus or train. Let then think you have green credentials, but for Gods sake don’t admit to driving a Renault


You’re right Dev, don’t want to create Renault envy, that could get ugly. :laughing:


Not sure, but their Sharp Cheddar comes up every time I search for British Cheeses. The cheese sections in most big supermarkets here are replete with all sorts of Sargento cheeses. Cheddar, Sharp Cheddar, Extra Sharp Cheddar, Pepper Jack, Swiss, etc.

Only the Sharp Cheddar shows up on searches for British cheeses, but it has come up in every search I’ve made with Google. It does come up on a Bing search.

Maybe Sargento pays Google to include their sharp cheddar in the British list. I find that their mild cheddar is listed as a product of the USA.


I read a long time ago that a huge ball of cheese was recovered from a ship that had sunk over a hundred years before…and the cheese was still excellent under the outer layer.


I’ll drink to that! alcoholic


Nah, I will only sell b2b, b2c is too much aggro.


Never heard of sharp cheddar either, nor pepper jack or whatever. Swiss cheddar? Are you having a laugh? Cheddar has to come from Cheddar, Somerset! I think they’re pulling a fast one on you.


These sadistic goat humpers love to slit throats. Their demented pedophile, goat humping “prophet”, Muhammad instilled this madman behavior in his followers.