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Had I to make the choice between losing my sight or my hearing…I would go blind.

Music is the universal language of the earth.


Retired Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges commented recently that while war with China was not inevitable, in his opinion their would be conflict within the next 15 years. By me their is no doubt that China intends that the world will live by the rules of Confucius…Xi laid it out pretty clear at the last party conference and given that he is President for life… I would back on his determination.


I’ve got constant tinnitus in both ears and while I have gotten use to the constant noise it does play hell with very nuanced pieces of music…



China keeps insisting that Taiwan RoC is exactly that, a Republic of China. Therefore the possibility of unrest using this as a trigger is entirely believable.

The Taiwanese on the other hand, are more aligned with the Japanese and the thought of becoming “Chinese” is anathema.

However it was interesting to hear the RT guy claiming that the number of volunteers for the Taiwanese army are declining. Personally I can believe that the youth are less interested in joining up for a whipping.

BTW the Chinese are recently (this decade) prohibited from buying property in Taiwan because housing costs were rising to the annoyance of the locals. That would be impossible if Taiwan were truly part of China.


Well isn’t that special!


They would likely gather a larger crowd if they offered to pay people to carry some protest signs, chant loudly, become violent and loot some stores.


Live Josh Taylor & Ryan Burnett’s fights…


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While it looks delicious I can’t believe that any campaign would put this out. Now I know that dem tend to write to the least common denominator but to put 3 major fupahs in 1 message is pretty dumb.

  1. Similar Events headlined by Obama were not filled
  2. We need to hire an audience for maximum media exposure and ‘optics’
  3. Psst… Don’t tell anyone.

Slim man… very slim.









Well… now that is telling it like it is… shit down their neck and all… :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:




Cast your vote for the midterm elections



… unfortunately this is too close to the truth. A number of children come into foster-care in the UK because their parent(s) spend all their money on TV subscriptions, phone contracts, and booze, and don’t feed their kids nor send them to school.




That’s rich! We gave £1billion aid to India as they built £330million statue

Britain gave more than £1billion to India as it built the world’s tallest statue