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I’ve never even heard of it before. I will try anything once but tend not to remember the names anyway. They are all either nice cheese or foul cheese as some I can’t even pronounce.:grinning:


Pont L’Evèque is the smelliest cheese. :grinning:


My favourite Local French restaurant has an Epoisses which has to be served with a spoon. Here is a picture of the cheese board



This is disgusting. Yes in very poor taste but as I see it, no crime committed.
Police state been here for a while, I have first hand experience of their nonsense.




Probably as a result men won’t want to join and the army would just be full of butch dykes. That could be quite effective. :star_struck:


Part of the overall agenda to weaken every section of society.
This continual equality claptrap prevails over biological science.








Equal rights was achieved a long time ago. You mean favourable rights.


I don’t have a problem with women applying to tryout for special forces including the elite SAS, I have a problem with the military if they decide to lower the standards and qualification.

The average man if they they sign up for the SAS training will fail we all know that, so how can the average woman succeed?

It takes a special brand to succeed which is why they are elite .

Maybe 1 out of 50 million women can succeed, but I rather see that one with the men who can succeed be in special forces vs being politically correct and allowing women in because its a good PR movement.

Because in battle with the enemy they dont give a rats ass about equality , as they want to kill you, do you think ISIS cares if you’re a man or a woman?

If they capture a woman (who just got in to make it look good ) what do you think they will do to her?

The woman that quit after 2 weeks just proved that the average woman cannot succeed, this is not to say women cant succeed but its going to take a woman with extraordinary skills, strength and ability to succeed.

And most likely she will look like a Bulgarian Beef farmer that is built like a Middle Linebacker for the Chicago Bears .


That 1 will likely be someone call Kim who was formerly Keith, with the meat & 2 veg hacked off. :grin:




And if she can handle it, I guess it’s OK. But there will be sexual implications. Progs can pretend that biology is not as important as their version of social justice but Mother Nature disagrees.


Isnt that the truth Call_me_ishmael.


I will tell you exactly how it is. It is impossible. I have done sport all my life and at times have really pushed myself to the point of nearly passing out. I have ended up in the back of an ambulance being force fed sugary water. Once upon a time (before kids) I was in a big 10k race. Field of 1800 and I came 18th in the women’s, but around 400th overall! Damn! I think that might quantify it a little.






Dan the man Crenshaw



I couldn’t agree more Jen, if these social justice warriors really believe women are equal to men , why don’t we see any women in any of the men’s professional sports?

Jen, you’re British, has there been any women in the Premier league football?

I know in North America there has never been a woman in the NFL, NBA, or National baseball league, I know in Hockey they had one female that played goalie but she didn’t make the club.

The best female hockey player ever is a Canadian , Hayley Wickenheser ( not sure of her spelling of her last name) she’s like the Gretzky of women hockey, and she barely made a Finnish third division, ( that is a division where if you’re washed up you can still play and hopefully get another shot at some European club)

She didn’t last long there.

Can a woman coach, be an executive, General manager etc… yes.
Playing with the boys as equals… No.