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So, what happened to this blue wave that was supposed to invade America and make things right?

it was more like a ripple and a hiccup


Advertisers LOVE when the election ballots are crowded with losers.



Don’t be silly. Women have their own football. No women want to play with the boys anyway.

But women don’t want men either in their sports.


no women wants to play with the boys?

I find that hard to believe, I would have thought the SJW must have some woman in mind to break the barrier, certainly their must be at least one woman that wants to play against the top players? no.


Not here. Nope. :smile: Not that I’m aware of.

Football fans are merciless. If there was a woman in the team, that would be the end of them.


Maybe it’s a right of passage? The whole being attacked as soon as a Conservative gets on a political website. The Liberals did the same thing to me on here also, so don’t feel bad.

They also did the same thing on Hannity to me. I think they figure if other Conservatives aren’t around to say something(and back up the newbie), and they attack the new one coming on the site, that they can scare him or her away. That way, it’s one less Conservative they have to deal with.

It’s very rude, but strategy wise it’s actually very brilliant, if you think about it.



In 2016, Matthew Whitaker, the new acting AG said: “I would indict Hillary Clinton.” :+1::boom::tada:






This is only the start of what the Libtard idiots have unleashed

A 69-year-old man says he identifies as a 49-year-old and wants his age legally changed so he can meet more women on Tinder

“You can change your name. You can change your gender. Why not your age? Nowhere are you so discriminated against as with your age,” he told De Telegraaf.


This is what Labour and Corbyn would do to the UK, only worse


Today I identify as a Mad Axe Murderer… sorry can’t stop I have a lot of work to do :grin:


Well done!

It is a fact that some tasks make it obvious that in a few situations women cannot compete with men. The marathon is a case in point. The competitive women’s time for a marathon is approximately 15 minutes longer than for a man. I am sure the women are trying just as hard…


A few years ago I used to describe my age as “late 40s”, because I could get away with it.
These days I probably need another descriptor. Hmmm…


Same here, let me know when you find a suitable one :joy:


Are you asking me? :joy::joy::joy:


Thank you, though post race analysis you always think you could have done better… Just back from 12 miles on the mountain bike, all off road, for the third time this week. :slight_smile:

Flat tarmac is as good as it gets. What I mean is if you add any adverse conditions, such as wind, hills, rough ground, weight to carry, which require strength you will find the gap between men and women will widen exponentially. Men are required to run 1.5 miles in 10 mins I think, for the army test. That’s easy, in lightweight kit and running shoes. :smile:

I think in the London marathon everyone used to start together. So you had the elite women getting overtaken by chickens and it was on TV. Now the elite women start 30 mins before everyone else. In my running club there were a number of guys who could match world class women, possibly even beat them.


You know I’m always up for a laugh :joy: