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Never past it just sometimes not up for it :laughing:


Our requirements and standards are pretty much non existent today.

Menendez is another example.

Menendez won even though only a quarter of the voters said they thought he was honest and trustworthy.
He even got support from one-third of the voters who didn’t trust him.

Apparently character doesn’t matter if your a democrat.


The fact that she’s has a record should have disqualified her. She’s the first Muslim woman in Congress so now we will get proposals from the Democrats for Sharia laws. The Democratic Party is being established as the party of Islam and anyone opposing will be considered an infidel. NWO oppression via religious extremism. Luciferian mass media like CNN will not report this because it suits their oppressive dumb downed globalist agenda.


Wasn’t William Jefferson a democrat?


In the UK, we had a politician named Jeffrey Archer who did time for something … and then the Clownservative Party put him forward as a candidate for London Mayor. Maybe they were secretly happy with Ken Livingstone as mayor at the time.


Young Lad that was discharged for photo with TR been reinstated. TPTB must have feared mass dissent.



Could it be the decline of strong independent institutions like religious, civic, and familial have people searching for other outlets to find a sense of meaning and belonging. I
Identity politics, populism, and nationalism?
Could it be that people vote for a person like Omar is much like some Obama voters, look at me, Im not a racist, look at me, I am not biased?

I often wonder about the decision making capability of people.


From a purely political standpoint, the repubs had a good day yesterday. Realistically, the gloves came off and the truly bloody fights begin. Trump fired Sessions, couple gals that accused Kavanaugh admitted they made it up, and the Trump news conference yesterday was a travesty. Democrats simply can’t help themselves so they gonna show the country how they would handle power over the next two years. The senate will be solidly behind Trump now that McCain, Flake and Corker are gone and will easily approve his appointees. Trump probably only person in the country that can get us back on course – gonna be nasty, however.

Scary part is how close outright marxist came to winning governorships in Florida and Georgia. I think Trump understands his power as president and think the criminal element in the justice dept and democrat party feeling a bit nervous at the moment. We C.



On the positive side, clowns like Ilhan Omar and Cortez gonna be hogging the spotlight. :joy::star_struck:






Think he will lose his security clearance???


All RINOes should be nutralized and released into the desert.




The RH


My idea of a mountain bike includes a V-twin engine between the wheels, at least 5 gears, a wide back tire and some Harley logo on the fuel tank.

12 miles in 12 minutes!

I thought you’d be riding kilometers anyway…they go by faster!


When Yanks come to London… :laughing:


Ok then 19.3 km. :grin: Somehow I don’t think your Harley could go on some of that terrain. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: