The Rabbit Hole


You are so cruel with the truth :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I dont have a Harley. Thats just my dream of a mountain bike.

I did ride a bunch of dirt bikes on hilly trails through the woods back when I was camping and drinking with entire families that carried all sorts of dirt bikes to the woods now and then to camp and ride.

My favorite bike was the Maico 500圩astest dirt bike I ever had between my legs.



Diabetes medicine should be sold in supermarkets like in America. Let the fatties pay for it themselves!


Just to be clear, I dont do any crazy stuff. :grin:


That is not bravery宇hat is lunacy! :grin:



You will love this one at 1 minute


Try this :smiley:


If you had a GoPro Helmet Camera, you could do that, too! :rofl:


I do :joy: I have vids. (skiing ones) :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Is Macrons Euro crusade doomed to fail?


:+1:Fab, parkour on a bike. Jen did you see those young lads I posted couple weeks back ? Im hooked on their stuff at the moment, love to have a go在ut 30+ years ago !!

Real life Spidermen ! earplugs for crap music !


Would be good for all the Eurocrats to sink with their rotten ship.

Apparently the sinking of the Titanic was a convenient accident to rid the country of real opposition to the formation of The Fed. The plan came straight out of a novel written 14 years prior with a strange title, so the story goes

I digress, would be good for Macron et al to hit the same iceberg. :grin:


Oldie but goodie and so damn relevant at the moment. Trump has completely upended the dems victory with sessions firing and even the idiot libs should have seen it coming.



They didnt let the BNP get in the way and the PTB are still up to the same tricks.


We have a problem in the US as over 60% of the population is over wight or obese. Over 30% of the population has high cholesterol and 30% have hyper tension. Its called poor lifestyle choices and then we demand government gove us free healthcare to fix our problems caused by poor choices.




Just like Taylor Swift, both batting 1000.


They are just trying to extend talks until the EU get exactly what they want, the UKs money in perpetuity


The trouble is Stu had you have done this 30+ years ago you might not be here now :grinning: as they dont all make it.

I still remember the first buildings I jumped between when I was 14. I didnt make it cleanly and had to pull myself onto the roof. It didnt stop me though I did this sort of stuff for years. We even jumped between trees like tarzan, (my mother used to say more like a monkey) :joy:.
The cost of my stupidity is an x-ray folder approaching the thickness of a Harry Potter novel and the broken bones to go with it.