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Alex Jones banned from everything.


Hi y’all. Today election day in Ohio.


I heard Kasich is out telling people not to vote Republican. WTF?


The left is building walls around their safe spaces.


We don’t want to be racist here, but where is the reserved spot for vegetarians, vegans and halal consumers??


I could have used that the day after the 4th.




Just a little British sarcasm re AlexC’s post


I hadn’t heard that but it might make sense, if you think about it.


Are we starting a new __Me Too _movement? With hashtags #s? I just found out yesterday that for the past 20 years I’m considered a pescatarian. I want my reserved spot!
Let’s go viral!


Trump shaking all kinda monkeys outa the trees. People like George Will, Bill Chrystal and other swamp creatures. 2/3 of congressional republicans rinos. They hate Trump so badly they rather see dems in control than Trump’s success.


Correct. When the Huffington Post is leading with something “positive” done by a Republican you can bet that it is to serve the Democrats or trash on Trump.


Alex, you could be on to something, the only thing missing from you being considered a proper victim of racism is being a Socialist as well. Now, once you have had your frontal lobe removed, you can apply to be a socialist and they will identify pescatarian as a race and then you’ll be on your way to being a proper victim


I watched Trumps rally at Ohio. Hes a hell of a lot more popular there than Kasich.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Don’t be mak’in no dumb suggestions. If he has half or more of his brain removed he move to US and be a typical democrat socialist! :rofl:


Comments like that would have been censored where we came from!


Doesn’t freedom taste delicious?




The Left can feel it slipping away. They’ve lost all political power, they’ve lost the Supreme Court, and now their cultural power is in jeopardy. More Americans are waking up to the fraudulent Left each day. The goal is to eventually shut down all conservative speech but it will never happen. Too many people see what’s going on. The jig is up. Don’t be fooled by the propaganda designed to manipulate you into thinking that support for the Left is strong. It’s not. WE are in charge now and we won’t stop until the Left is utterly destroyed. Our greatest weapon is the TRUTH. Use it wisely.


I don’t think this is a coincidence they all look similar, I have had a notion for many years that our thoughts affect how we look.
My belief about people whose mouths look like those in this pic “generally sloping downwards” is due to a lack of genuine laughter / smiling or simply lacking a happy outlook on life.
Obviously I haven’t completed my statistical study but as a general observation I think I have a good starting point :rofl::rofl::rofl: