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It’s from all the soy they eat. Cut that shit out of your diet now. Once you try you will realize that they are putting soy in everything to kill testosterone in men and boost estrogen in women. Look it up.


Did I call this or what???


Eh…let them get the hang of the place. Chill @Claire


Yes I have seen some evidence of this. I was particularly shocked to see the levels of soy and consequently estrogen levels in baby milk.
This guy quotes ridiculous levels that are shocking:


The continuation of interesting conversation in a New Members thread does not necessarily translate to hiding in it.

@Jen26 has already bitch slapped another poster in another thread. I’m sure she will venture out more often as time passes.

When people keep replying in an introductory thread, it is not uncommon for the OP to revisit it.


Claire, you are an absolute genius!! :kissing_heart:


Is that nature or nurture, I wonder. Maybe they were born fat with tatts and blue hair. :rofl:


They all got that fish mouth too


What … you don’t like grilled veggies?.. and don’t tell me that their aren’t any fat vegetarians



Rabbit holes are interesting if you can get down in there. :smiley:

Meanwhile…I am new too. So…from noob to noobs…howdy!


Devauxt, You underestimate socialists. I live in the state of Maryland where federal employees are a majority. They are thinking only of themselves, their job security and eventually their retirement plus a hefty pension to boot. They vote lockstep democrats. They keep the myth of Russian intervention going trying to influence as many undecided as possible. They love their CNN/Deep State propaganda. These are conniving socialist or communist or whatever it takes to advance their agenda. Yes, it’s true though, they are not very bright and a bit soulless.


Ergo communism/socialism.


The Beatles - Flying (The FH Edit)




Sad , not sure what we can do


I don’t underestimate Socialists in the slightest. Bernie, Soros, UN, EU, Common Purpose, Bilderberg, Nazi, Democrats, Clinton, Obama, they all make a great case for free shit and victimhood. Dependency is their aim, just as the Democrats did with black single parent families




No sane person ever will.