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Who said that the entitled victims were sane? They are so close to getting their hands on your hard earned money, it’s driving them mad


They have been ‘mad’ since first believing that socialism is a good thing.


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I understand Socialists. It is not making the poor better off that they’re interested in, but making sure that the gap between rich and poor is as tight as possible. So it is fine if we are all wallowing in the gutter together. It has been proven that in a Capitalist society, the poor are much better off in real terms, but the gap between rich and poor is far greater, meaning the rich do a lot better too. Now therein the problem lies. Therefore the basis of Socialism is jealousy and spite. It is no different from someone blocking you on the motorway trying to stop you getting past.

I want to tell you about the Overlord Museum in Normandy. It is fairly new, built in the last few years, just off Omaha Beach, which was one of the American landing beaches on D Day. It is American and most probably funded by EU money. Outside there are 3 flags, the French, Stars and Stripes and the EU. No Union Jack. Now what has the EU got to do with D day?! As you know, Operation Overlord was the codename for the D Day landings, led by Eisenhower and Montgomery. This is a plaque inside. Since when was Hitler, the leader of the National Socialists extreme right wing? I have never seen emotive wording in a museum before. It has EU and American libtards all over it, trying to rewrite history. I guess if Corbyn got into power and started gassing Jews, he would be “extreme right wing” too.


I can’t make such a distinction at this early stage of my research. Obviously I will be taking random samples and having absolutely no connection or bias with the study sample purely collecting attributes that can readily be transposed to discreet variables data for analysis.
Hypothesis testing will be based on statistical dispersion, with an aim of specifically analysing in it’s standard deviation form for least variation…

Oh shit ! wait a minute I think you’re right :joy::joy:


Here, Paul Joseph Watson talks about joining UKIP and how it could be mutually beneficial. UKIP needs some younger blood. Across Europe, the younger generation are rising up against the globalist movement; could the same happen here? If UKIP can make themselves more appealing, maybe it is possible.

This is a bit long, but I think most of it is said in the beginning. Could this be the plotting of a revolution?


The EU rebrand everything to suit their purpose and they will never mention the EU founding fathers being Nazis. Hitler was Socialist and left wing. As with all socialist regimes, they resort to violence to keep the population in check





jmn (keep him away from kids) 5611 and wankstain reed destroyed the original Rabbit Hole guys lets not have deliberate antagonists here again that are just looking to piss in the pool


Hahaha I know you! :grin: I don’t think Jmn had anything to do with it though.


i watched a documentary about how the Nazi made sure everyone got a car they where real Socialist people always conveniently forget that it’s easy just to call them right wing as that helps to demonise the right wing also dose anyone know if Hitler really had a micro penis?? it sounds about right he looks like the type of guy that will ask you to bang his hairy wife after a Christmas party


Germany, France and Italy, the largest three remaining EU economies, all want independent deals with the UK. So why on earth are we still thinking of paying them £39 billion?


i will agree to disagree

i still think jmn was just a antagonist looking to report people for fun he claimed to be a Jewish Muslim that converted to Christianity that said things about kids that where i grown up wound get you a good kicking fuck jmn and his third world wife that is probably a ex prostitute with lots of STD’s the guy was obviously a compulsive liar


may KeK be upon you brother