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:joy::joy::joy: Enjoying your free speech I see.


The only person who doesn’t know this is Treason May


in the last place my fist post was blocked here seems much better

has anyone invited Stu i would love to heard whats on his mind without knowing one joke can get you kicked


Same going on in the US. Rewriting history a big deal with the libs, particularly in the south trying to hold onto their black voting block. Trump’s approval soaring among black voters – the black conservative movement growing by leaps and bounds. Last night the republican candidate for congress won. Democrats threw everything they had at it. Only place dem won was county (city) controlled by dems. (read huge welfare recipients) There is truly a revolution (non-shooting at this point) going on here. Democrat-socialist losing big time.

Madflavor -U who I think U is? :joy::rofl:

I’ve been blocked from any more replies to this thread as a new member, so C y’all fo a while.


Yes, I have let Stu know. I think he has been busy with new grandkids though.


i think someone should let 4xNewGuy and UKBanter know about this place


So … two things that will get him on a death-list


The Islamic death list and it is 4 things, Jew, Christian, Kafir and apostate



originally he was a Christian and than in a conversation about Islam his Dad was a Muslim and than in a conversation about the Holocaust his Mum was Jewish when asked about this he just played it off as normal and said his name was Muhammad Goldstein he was just a troll looking to get people kicked Jen should have put him on ignore.

on a side note i took a DNA test for a birthday present to find out who my Mums Grandad was the rest of my DNA was always going to be Irsh with a bit of Welsh and English he was a Jew my Mum actually is 25% Jewish i am still shocked about that am 12.5% Jewish which is more Jewish than jmn


Waay-Haay! Go Trump !! :us:
As a Brit I am convinced he is the best thing to happen to America for a long time.
Yeah … I know he has a bunch of detractors, including my S.O. :thinking:

… you need to read some of the other stuff on this site


I’ve been blocked from any more replies to this thread as a new member, so C y’all fo a while.
… you need to read some of the other stuff on this site

it looks like you can say anything within reason here so i what like to get this off my chest

i bet in her day louise mensch was tremendous in bed a real hat tick hero :smiley:


It took me a while to figure out how to split the reply-to post… :slight_smile:

I meant, the site tracks your activity. If you are seen to be participating elsewhere that moves you up a notch in the validity ratings … whatever that means. :smiley:


did anyone know this if you go to google and than put in (jon venables working in pizza hut) and than look on images you can see Jon Venables as a adult


They want us to get out there to deal with the morons and there are plenty of them. Laters, not had enough alcohol.


Longtime redditor, first time poster here on freebird.

I think it would be a good idea if we could upvote and downvote posts on this subreddit.

Basically, how it works is, you use the upvote and downvote flags to encourage and discourage content.

Reddit has this system and it is fair and awesome!

(self upvotes own post)



If you don’t like the way this site works you are free to start your own.


The problem is this site is more about political opinions. We need all of them to have some sort of balance. If we don’t agree with something we should say why, not just press a button.


This site is about more than politics. You should visit the various categories and see what’s there.

The Lounge is particular useful for discussing anything you wish.

Other topics should be initiated in appropriate Categories. If not, they may be flagged. Then again, they may not. There is no heavy handed moderation here.


Can u imagine this site without Monte…:laughing::laughing::laughing::thinking: