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…also, the Partner Publications articles can be interesting and thought provoking.


What I like about this site is that anyone can post anything. It’s not like it has content pre-loaded or screened and approved by mods that we then comment on. We are the ones responsible for the threads which means we can make whatever threads we want. I also think if everyone really wanted a sports category or something like that we could probably just ask for it.


Anything that doesn’t seem to have a proper category can be put in the Lounge.

Sports example:






But I like dealing with morons here! You built the site. They will come. :joy::rofl:


Here you go then. Trying to understand Trump supporters




Well good lord, with principles like that, who needs pressure.










I’m a US citizen resident in the UK and while my opinion matters little in UK politics, I was a vocal supporter of Nigel Farage and his Brexit movement. I wanted to like UKIP as a political party but just couldn’t see its depth… that became clearly obvious after the referendum and Farage stepped down… UKIP has no platform other than the single issue of leaving the EU and even in that they had no policy for that transmission… I think that Nigal is one of the most effective and dynamic politicians in the world… he just doesn’t any real political platform to stand on…


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It just gets deeper each day as the criminality of the FBI and justice dept come to light. Hope one of Trumps first actions after the mid-terms is to get of Rosenstein and Sessions and replaces Sessions with somebody like Giuliani.


Anyone with children or grandchildren gets this. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:


Hi Scott, I see that you call yourself a liberal yet you support Brexit. I call myself a Conservative yet I don’t want guns and I generally support universal healthcare. I think we may have quite different goalposts.


Apparently you don’t know the difference between a classical liberal and a current day liberal.

Do some research.


We don’t have so many definitions here.