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That’s what we should have. Either a flat tax on income or The Fair Tax on consumption. I favor the latter…no need for the giant IRS.


if you have the time have a look at this France sounds like a authoritarian hellhole apparently if they find paint in the back of your car they want to know why you have it for tax purposes

the pint thing is at 19.13 into the video that’s fucked up
they also talk about tax in the video


Hey, Stu has been in touch! He’s going to be back! :smile:


ask him to invite the men with many names Magog


Can’t understand why you Brits don’t have Nigel running the country. Between he and Trump, they could go a long way to getting the world on a sane course. :wink:


Because there are too many buttthurt libtards infected with the Socialist disease who believe that Islam is a religion of peace and can’t get off their arses to do even a modicum of research


FX trading 101

I can’t trade Knockouts during Draghi speaking without sufficient capital in the spread betting account.


…and if I do that I can go back to low leverage regular trading


The left have completely lost the plot


Ex, I never try to trade when there are news events going on. Always wait hour or so to see where the trend wants to take it. Personally I like calm movement, preferably when it gets into a good ranging movement. 4 -5 trades a week all it takes. She dances to a certain rhythm. First thing I do every week is plat out all news events – and stay away from them. Have reset my emergency SL to 18 cause every so often some politician gonna open his mouth and ya gonna get hit. Just part of the business. Just say’in.


Good news. Florence losing steam. Still a strong one but winds now down to a cat 2 – winds 110. That’s a world of difference than being 140 -150. Bad news is that its growing in size and probably will slow down and become a huge rainmaker on already soaked ground. I can actually see the deflation in the weather channel people and other media as they are seeing their rhetoric on global warming BS and Trump the cause going out the window. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

  1. Nigel has no party. Here, we elect the MP to represent the constituency in which we live. The majority MPs of a party form the government. The MPs elect their leader who becomes PM. In the case of a leadership challenge of the Conservatives, the remaining two get put to the members’ vote.

  2. If Nigel was still leader of UKIP, he wouldn’t have a chance either. UKIP does not even have one seat. The boundaries of the constituencies are such that it is heavily weighted for the left. In other words, hot Labour areas are split into many constituencies. There will be boundary changes soon which will address that to some extent and my even see Corbyn lose his seat.

Our system is really a two party race. The best we can hope for is a coalition somehow with UKIP involved (like currently with the DUP or previously with the LibDems) and if Nigel was leader of UKIP, he could be deputy PM.

That is why I have joined the Conservatives. As members, we get the final vote on the leader and also have influence on who our MP is. There are far too many libs in the Conservative party and it is time to take it back to true Conservatism, aka Thatcherism.


The sign language guy next to the FEMA spokesman has given the alleged “white power” sign 52 times since the briefing started.:clown_face:


Word of the week? :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


Why is it “Word of the week”?


I understand…

Today the Draghi Presser coincides with US CPI figures and that seems to be the main driver of Price Action. Today it was tradeable rather like the NFP last week (negative surprise on CPI).

Also Draghi didn’t say anything unexpected, although somebody asked about the issues faced by the ECB committee a decade ago around the Lehman collapse. He said two interesting things:

  • the disaster was underway in 2007 with international efforts to address issues.
  • in the past decade the same problems have moved into the shadow banking industry.

So I guess that was a “heads up”.


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Again, I asked for English. Get back to me when you can manage that


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