The Rabbit Hole


Why would anyone want to show off such a puny torso? Beats me.


So you’re English? They got people like you in England too? I will continue to use pictures so you can comprehend. Do stick around, though, because it keeps things in perspective. Only problem ya got here – there’s nobody to go crying to. I have a picture of monte. Since you (boys, girls – mix of the two) and monte birds of a feather you get to share his call sign!



NO! He’s yours! :joy:


I’m watching the 2 hour pin. I think 1700ish pretty good resistance. Big boys negative now so I think we are still experiencing pump to dump. If I were a long term trader I would be looking to phase in some shorts. The US economy great – EU zone still got the same problems. The trade talks are working slowly but surely. Jen and doc better at the long term stuff than I am. Got a good scalp at 1701 and looking for another or two and I’m done for the week.


This should prove who I am. :rofl:

Water always finds it’s own level !


Oh shit – the dude has arrived!! Welcome, brother. Tons of fun here – idiots abound!!:joy::rofl::joy:


Ha ha let me guess…mmmmm Jim Boy !!


You got it Stu Boy! :sunglasses::joy::rofl::joy:


What is this donating member thing all about…

Like a kidney… blood ? :wink:


STU!!! :hugs::kissing_heart::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Just a little donation as an appreciation for our free speech.


Hi Jen… so who what got here ?


Actually have free speech here. Place at top of home that says donate. Several us kicking in 20 bucks so every 6 months so to support as we all capitalist. :wink:


Me… :joy::joy::joy:


Commmmmmon Jen I was just kidding, I’m willing to donate blood !


hello good you see you again did you know here you do not have to bite your tongue when dealing with jmn5611 it’s great

can you invite the men with many names Magog


MADFLAVOR mmmm Stewrigh ?


Just do the secret handshake and you’ll be fine


Jen the spark plug. She the one the losers like to target – like the douchebag that just entered the place. Most of the old crowd here.


Hey Dev recognised you straight away, you haven’t changed a bit :grinning: