The Rabbit Hole


Welcome my friend. I should hope not


Just don’t tell me Rambo is here …:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Jen reckons he has the hots for flat earthers :rofl:


Gotta run. Storm a coming. Seze ya’s later. Great ya here, Stu Boy! :sunglasses:


Stay safe Jim and be good


C Ya Jim hope you weather that storm ok mate.


I forgot about Rambo! Yes, he likes it both ways and had the hots for you! :joy:


I thought you were MAG. In which case you must be “Lets Go Champ” !


That’s Ross! Damn this 20 character thing.


Yeah sussed it . LETS GO CHAMP Hi Ross


Just hold down the period button…

Only 3 of them will show up in your post…unless you put a line of them all the way across the page…then it draws a line all the way across the page.

like that! :smile:


What’s the protocol Jen do I have to do a formal introduction somewhere ?


Just would not like to offend anyone :rofl:


Don’t behave and say what need to be said. Simple… Oh and Libtards are fair game


Only if you want to be polite. It is recommended.


Ok Hi to all I don’t know. I’m a traditionalist as in I hate all this LBGQT etc etc shite

This where Nigel is weak


There are a couple in here who need a good slap when ever you get the chance, @ColostomyKid and @Montecresto1. There was some protest about The Rabbit Hole a little while back, about us friends having a bit of banter and a chat, but it turned out to be just the Libtards whinging


Dear oh dear, that was very poor from Nigel. I think I need to have a word with him


Gerrard Batten says it how it is with regard to the religion of peace.


The OP in this thread is from the founder and explains a lot about why the freedom of speech here is exponential.

We Are Now Freebird


And what part of the band do you play ?