The Rabbit Hole



They’re call us russian bots to make us appear insignificant but it’s not working. We are dealing with weak minds. Greed is blinding them!


Yes and we’re not rude to those who don’t know our definitions.


The division is by design.




Sounds like the PPACA. Or the VA or many other institutions.


And then after he got elected, he reverted right back to the club. Corruption, budget deficits, compounding national debt, endless golfing junkits…




I disagree. Reagan left office as he entered. Optimistic, in good humor and satisfied with the job he had done. He was an old man when he took office and aged bout the same as he would have had he not been president, IMO. Alzheimer’s took him out.

Bush 43 left office in very good health. He still is very active and rides mountain bikes with vet groups. He was a RINO who I didn’t care for politically – but a decent guy. He looks great and can outdo lots of people half his age and hes 72.

I’m betting Trump leaves office full of piss and vinegar and still a workaholic getting things done. Ya see, men who respect the law and do what they promise to do sleep well at night.


What you smoking, dude. You need to diversify from the new york times and cnn. :neutral_face:


Now that I R a old fart, I love old fart comics! :joy:



Any you FX folks keeping a eyeball on my lady? Best look’in h&s I ever saw. Right shoulder continues to compress. I am dying to short the gal but I suck on breakouts – so I wait. Think she gonna drop like a rock if she does break decisively.


Care to discuss his promises to pay off the ND, run balanced budgets, lock her up and be too busy working for you to golf, or you want to talk about what you’re smoking??


Lmfao, and quite aged with Alzheimer’s, rest his soul.


You left Carter out because you’re a partisan like the rest here, but he left office in good health too and is still going at 93. But… compare the pics of before and after, it’s hard on them all.


That will go any minute. I’m short EN.


Trump has been in office 1 1/2 years. Ya have to stop the hemorrhaging before you start fixing things. You seen the employment figures? You seen the industry choking regulations that have been rescinded? You noticed drug prices starting to come down? You realize construction companies can now start jobs quicker since red tape is being eliminated. You know that terminally ill people can now get drugs they couldn’t get before. You realize Jerusalem now the capital of Israel? You understand that the Russies have quit buzzing our warplanes and warships, cause they know they get their ass handed to them. Seen any NK rockets flying over Japan? I know – all this cause of the groundwork bammer left – gimmee a damn break.


Everytime the pound drops, I get a raise… It puts pressure on gas but other than that its all good from my point of view… I’ve been hoping for parity for some time but that would be like winning the lottery…


Yeah, let’s see, he promised he would be too busy with his duties to golf. In fact, he’s getting more in than his predecessors. He promised balanced budgets, said they were easy, yet his first chance to prove it he signed a record deficit, raised entitlement spending to new hieghts!. He promised to lock her up, then said he only played that for the campaign, and of course he promised to pay off the 19.8 trillion ND in 8 years and now its 22. You’ve been duped. :joy::joy::joy::joy:


I think he left carter out because he wasn’t a two term president…