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I don’t understand why any of this is compatible with Western civilisation, unless some would like to explain it to me


They only thing I find compatible is punishment but not on Islam terms, on our own terms. By that I mean we have gone soft in the UK, I got a good few whacks as a kid and it definitely helps you to remember why it isn’t a good idea to do some things.


Oh Stu, you got me in the mood… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Ha ha I wondered how long it would be before old stinky inglaci-arse made an appearance.


One other thing from Draghi earlier. QE reduces to €15bn from next month and then finish at the end of the year subject to review. Last instalment of €30bn this month.


Hey Ex good to see you here too.


Yaay! Stu! Welcome… :hugs:


Just a member.

I joined here in April after searching for freedom of speech.

I came here with another group of transplants from another site where we conservatives were miffed when admin totally deleted our invitation-only group along with hundreds of threads we had created…for no fucking good reason.

I found to be a superlative site and hardly ever go back to the old stomping ground now. When I do, it’s just to harass the liberals there.

This site doesn’t pop up on many searches because of the .is ending (Iceland…where freedom of speech is almost total as opposed to the US where the FCC has a few regulations.)

The thread I linked above is a good read.


Got ya and good to meet ya, please accept a virtual hand shake. Not many people seem to look others in the eye and shake hands any more, well at least amongst the youngsters I see, They too busy hugging and making sure their man bags don’t fall off the shoulder.



Raison d’etre for this site, it seems.


That’s some kind of voodoo you did there EX. I was looking for the quote button ?


highlight the area of text that you’d like to quote


Cheers Dev. Flying visit over for now, catch ya soon chaps and chapesses.


Done! I look forward to reading your posts.

I get more than a bit vulgar sometimes (quite often actually) especially when discussing certain topics. If my language offends you…tough fuckin’ shit! :sunglasses:


You can’t offend Stu. He’s old school.


We don’t get offended and Stu certainly won’t. The only thing that ever wrankles our boxers, is when people can’t back their comments up with facts or solid evidence


Damn! Y’all wear boxers? I have to wear a big pouch to keep me balls from stickin’ to me legs!


Stop shaving them and they don’t stick, works for the rest of us (Jen excluded)




When you get old, your hair falls out…everywhere!