The Rabbit Hole


Not true and I can testify to that, it just migrates from your head to every other part of your body (Jen excuded)


I must be an anomaly. I’ve not had much body hair all my life…still have full coverage on the scull…though my forehand gets taller year by year.

Fella taught me years ago…your body wants to look a certain way…don’t fuck with it! :sunglasses:


I think that the kid was formerly PoontangCrusher and forgot his password. And I predict that it happens again, with another really clever “I’ve got an enormous dick” moniker


Him of the PHD? If you have to talk about it, you haven’t got it


One unusual troll was Hyperion, the trumpturd guy. He got scolded by the forum admin, threatened to leave…and then left. You don’t see that often with trolls.

One troll I remember from another site amusingly threatened to leave with his first post - and kept threatening to leave over and over. You can have a lot of fun with that.


There’s a thought…

Anybody got a reach to SOS


Now that really is scraping out the dregs…


if i did not see this with my own eyes i would not believe it


no SoS was the best of the best


It will be that special juice he takes !


this video is from just two days ago talking about drug tests what do you think about DDD going through the opposite of puberty since turning professional??


Daniel Dubois … ?


IBTD…that would be:

Rocky Graziano - Wikipedia

Thomas Rocco Barbella (January 1, 1919 – May 22, 1990), better known as Rocky Graziano , was an American professional boxer who held the World …

Wins by KO ‎: ‎52

Weight(s) ‎: ‎Welterweight‎; ‎Middleweight

Wins ‎: ‎67

Losses ‎: ‎10

My bad! I thought you were talking about boxers again!


No thanks, he really was a Sack O Shit


She’s coming ashore between wilmington and hatteras North Carolina. Lots of flooding and rain but wind down to 100 mph. Bad but it could be a lot worse. We keeping our fingers crossed. I’m 139 miles inland from Charleston and we are seeing counter clockwise clouds. Should be over us Saturday PM through Sunday as a low pressure system. Should present no danger here.



Hi skipper, glad you made it.:+1:
Today’s password is: Looming


Hot damn. I bet that guy with the hat that was holding up the targets was thinking “Oh dear god, please don’t let one of his punches slip and hit me.” I know that’s what I’d be thinking.